3 Quick And Easy Spring Cleaning Tips For The Busy Homeowner

3 Quick And Easy Spring Cleaning Tips For The Busy Homeowner

Warmer weather has finally arrived, and you know what that means—so has spring cleaning! As a Philadelphia area cleaning company, we know that spring cleaning is both time-consuming and a hassle for many homeowners.

Time and time again, many home and business owners throughout the Philadelphia and New Jersey area have called upon Executive Maids to breathe new life into their home through our elite cleaning services. However, we thought it would be great to provide homeowners with three quick and easy spring cleaning tips that will leave even the busiest homeowner with some time to sit back and enjoy spring!

Clean The Most Walked On Carpets That You Also Know Need The Most Attention

Some vacuums can be very heavy to lug around your home. Not to mention that some always don’t make it easy to vacuum each and every corner of the room. Therefore, instead of taking the time to clean every single carpet in your home you can clean those areas that you know have received the most foot-traffic or have the most stains. Inevitably, think about the areas of your home that have been bugging you the most throughout the duration of the winter. If you have a plan of attack before you start vacuuming that will alleviate how much time you spend cleaning your carpets.

Clean The Outside Of Your Windows Before The Inside

During the cold months of the year, the exterior part of your windows will see a lot of dirt build up. So, instead of stressing about how you need to detail your windows both inside and out, take some time to clean the outside first. In fact, we highly suggest cleaning your windows on a slightly cloudy and windless day because they wind may cause you to get covered in cleaning agent, and the sun may leave streaks!

As a side note, we also know that many homes have young children that often press their hands and faces on the glass in order to look outside. Just like we mentioned above, concentrate on the windows that have received the most attention throughout the fall and winter months.

Clean & Move Furniture Only If You Think You Really Have To

Sure, part of spring cleaning is doing all of that "deep cleaning" that you put off all winter long. But, if there is certain furniture in your home that was hardly ever sat on, doing a thorough cleaning is not needed. However, if you feel like cleaning any hardly-used furniture, we suggest vacuuming it and then wiping it down afterwards.

There are countless quick, easy, and simple ways to get your spring cleaning done. For those that would rather seek out the help of a Philadelphia or Cherry Hill, NJ maid service, we at Executive Maids promise that we will meet every single demand that you make! After all, cleaning is our specialty and we are not satisfied with our services unless our clients truly are! To hear more about our cleaning services, please give us a call today!