8 New Uses for a New Bar of Soap

8 New Uses for a New Bar of Soap

8 New Uses for a New Bar of Soap – Re-Purposing
Feel free to email us other uses for soap that we have not thought of

1. Pretty Pincushion

Stick needles and pins in a wrapped bar of soap. The soap’s oils make the pointy ends glide through fabric sew easily.

2. Deodorant Substitute

In a pinch, swab under your arms with a dry bar (whichever one is handy) to fight that not-so-fresh feeling.

3. Car Freshener

Tuck a cake of scented soap in your car-door compartment for a subtle aroma that’s superior to any cardboard (or "rearview mirror") pine tree.

4. Insect Repellent

Put a few unwrapped bars of rosemary, lemongrass, or citronella soap on a picnic table and unwanted flying guests will bug off.

5. Mirror Marker

Keep your love notes clean: Scribble on a mirror with a bar of soap. It is cheaper than lipstick and wipes off more easily.

6. Stain Remover

Pretreat grass and dirt stains with a few gentle swipes of a dry bar (any kind will do).

7. Itch Reliever

Can’t stop scratching that mosquito bite? Rub it with a bar of oatmeal- or aloe-infused soap to quell the urge.

8. Hem Guide

When you’re fresh out of tailor’s chalk, use a bar of soap to mark a new hem on your fashion masterpiece.