Amazing Maid Service for the Holidays

Amazing Maid Service for the Holidays

Let’s get decorating!


The holidays are upon us and we are no doubt gearing up to decorate the house with Christmas and Hanukkah décor! Before you hang the lights and menorah, clean your house! If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, consider hiring an amazing maid service in Philadelphia to help get your house in order and ready for all the holiday decorations.

Here are some tips to get your house in holiday order:

Floor and baseboards

Make sure the baseboards and floors are clean and dust free. The baseboards are often neglected but if you are putting up a tree, your guests will notice the dust. After the decorations are down, clean them again.


Swiping ceilings with a feather duster will clear away any cobwebs that may have gone unnoticed before the holidays. With twinkle lights and tree toppers drawing the eye upward and lighting the ceiling, now is the time to clean the ceilings.

Linens and pillows

During the holidays, we often have holiday tablecloths, sofa pillows and even bed linens that have been in storage all year. Make sure these are all clean and fresh before you use them.

Window cleaning

Make sure your windows have been cleaned thoroughly before you hang those holiday lights or put decorations on them. All the fingerprints and streaks will be noticed if you don’t clean first.

Kitchen cleanup

Your kitchen may have been working overtime preparing for Thanksgiving so now is the time to freshen it up by cleaning the oven, counters, cabinets, floors and sink. Starting with a clean, blank slate will make holiday cooking and baking much more enjoyable.

Closet clean-out

Purge your closets and get ready for guests. Make sure your hallway closet has enough space to accommodate guests’ coats. If you have overnight guests, make sure bedroom closets are clear so that they can put their luggage away while they visit.

The outside

The outside of your house needs help too. In preparation for any outside decorating, make sure your walkways are clear and your gutters are cleaned out. Add outdoor mats as well, so that guests won’t track the elements into the house.

Using these cleaning tips will ensure you have a happier and healthier holiday season. If your life is busy and hectic, consider hiring a professional cleaning company to help with your cleaning before your decorating begins and your guests arrive. Asking for help is never a bad thing so why not do it with your house cleaning? Hiring an amazing maid service in Philadelphia, like Executive Maids, is a great way to free up your time and allow you to focus on what’s more important: your family and your holiday celebration.

Let Executive Maids help with all of your pre-decorating cleanings. If your home is clean before your decorate you will feel more comfortable and will make cleaning up after the holidays much easier. We offer regular and deep-cleaning to get your decorating ready.

Executive Maids is ready to help make your holiday season a joyous one!

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