Amazing Maid Service in Philadelphia

Amazing Maid Service in Philadelphia

You’ll love our bedside manner!

Amazing maid service in Philadelphia with an equally amazing customer service rapport is hard to find. Executive Maids is a professional cleaning service company in the Philadelphia area that not only prides itself on amazing quality maid service, but their bedside manners can’t be beat either!


Bedside manner was a term used to describe how a healthcare professional treated a patient. If a doctor or nurse showed compassion and empathy toward their patients they were said to have great bedside manners. In today’s society, a bedside manner can apply to any professional who works with the public on a daily basis. At Executive Maids, we pride ourselves on being a thorough and detailed professional cleaning service. We get the job done and our results speak for themselves. But as much as we are effective in our efficient cleaning system, we have compassion for the clients we service as well.

We want you to be happy with our cleaning services but we also care about you and your home. We have a systematic and thorough process when we clean for you. Essentially no stone goes unturned because we work with a team of three or four and each cleaner is assigned a section of your home to clean. After they have finished cleaning, a supervisor (who is part of the cleaning team) will go back and check all the work that has been done. We pride ourselves on this process so that we can provide you the best possible customer service.

The Executive Maids team works very hard to make sure that we not only clean professionally, but that we provide the best possible customer service. This is why we guarantee full customer satisfaction. We want you to be happy with our services and we want you to come home to a clean and healthy home after we have been there. And if for any reason, you are not satisfied, we want to make it right. This is the difference between a good maid service and an amazing maid service!

Philadelphia has named Executive Maids the "best of Philadelphia maid service" since 2009. Let our accolades speak for themselves when we have the opportunity to clean your home. We take pride in our cleaning system, our cleaning products, and supplies and most of all, in our quality, professional and well-trained cleaning team. Every team member received a background check before they are hired. They are then thoroughly trained in our cleaning system. They understand the importance of being systematic while being absolutely thorough. We train them to be proud of their work. This creates a cleaner and more beautiful outcome for you and your home.

If you are looking for more than just decent maid service and want amazing maid service in Philadelphia, contact Executive Maids today. We are priced competitively but our customer service far exceeds any other cleaning company.

Executive Maids is waiting to hear from you!

Call: 215.690.4000


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