Amazing Maid Service in Philadelphia

Amazing Maid Service in Philadelphia

Fall cleaning is the new Spring cleaning!


It has always been known that Spring is the optimal time to open up your home and deep clean after a winter of hibernation. But, Fall cleaning is just as, if not more, important. This is the time of year where the kiddos go back to school and you are bracing yourself for the winter months and holiday time. It makes absolute sense to want to get your house in order before the harsh weather and tons of family enters your home. Plus, the kids were home all summer and undoubtedly made messes. It’s time to get some deep cleaning done.

Summer officially ends on September 22nd and that means the colder months are ahead of us. During the warmer months, you are away from home more, summer vacations, family outings, more time outdoors. But while you were out enjoying the warm weather, dirt and dust didn’t take a vacation. It sat around the house, accumulating. Now that the winter months and the holiday season are ahead of us, it’s the best time to do a thorough house cleaning.

Here are some tips you can do to prepare for the coming months when more time is spent indoors:

Spread out

Go beyond your usual vacuuming and dusting. Summer months mean more bugs so look up and look in corners and behind furniture where cobwebs accumulate. Light fixtures and ceiling fans should also be given a thorough dusting as well. Move the furniture and clean up the dust bunnies. Wipe down the baseboards and crown molding.

Take inventory

Check the refrigerator for expired summer foods that have been sitting there awhile. Remove everything from the fridge while checking the expiration dates. Once everything is out, clean the inside thoroughly. Don’t forget to clean the outside too. Dust and lint buildup around the base and back of the fridge can cause your cooling performance to be hindered. Take stock of your pantry as well and discard any non-perishable items that may have expired.

Launder away

Grab everything that can be washed: comforters, mattress covers, pillows, curtains, blankets, throws and slipcovers. Especially items that have been sitting in storage during the hot summer months. Just because they were sitting, clean in your linen closet all summer does not mean they are still clean after the warm months have passed.

Don’t forget the upholstery

Remove sofa cushions and vacuum the sofa thoroughly. Spot clean any areas of furniture that may have been stained. Do the same with carpets. Now is a great time to rent a steam machine from your local home improvement store and steam the carpets, and the furniture! Get your home ready for those months when many nights will be spent in front of the television.

These tips will help ensure a more comfortable living space for you during the winter months. You may also want to consider hiring a professional to do the deep cleaning for you. They are experts and can undoubtedly clean areas you wouldn’t even think of. If you are looking for amazing maid service in Philadelphia, look for Executive Maids to help you get the job done. Then enjoy the Fall and upcoming holiday season.

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