Amazing Maids in the Philadelphia Area

Amazing Maids in the Philadelphia Area

What makes our maid service so amazing?


Executive Maids is an amazing maid service in Philadelphia. But what makes us so amazing? We are all about pleasing our clients and making sure they are happy with the results of our cleaning. We are a personal cleaning service and our professionals recognize that they are in your home. It is your personal space and it is important that they understand your priorities and concerns. We offer our maid services exactly the way you want them. We are fully accommodating and customize your home cleaning for you.

At Executive Maids, we hold our staff to the highest level of integrity and ensure honest and dependable service for you every time. Our maids are thorough and leave everything clean and shiny. But what really makes the maid service so amazing? Here area few reasons why:

  • Our maids are honest and background checked. We don’t hire anyone that would make us uncomfortable. We certainly don’t want anyone we don’t trust enter your home.
  • We are dependable. We show up when we are called and scheduled and complete our tasks the way you expect them to be done.
  • Our maids are fast! We offer same day cleaning services. We can help with moving day cleaning or a last minute emergency clean up. It will get done.
  • We are thorough. We are fast, but we are very thorough when we come to your home. We have a team of 3 or 4 for each job and one of those team members is a supervisor who inspects each job.
  • Locally owned and supported. We work and live in the Philadelphia area. When you hire us, you are supporting your local economy.
  • We are licensed, insured and bonded. Other local maid services may not be able to claim this as true.
  • We offer no surprise free estimates. What we tell you it will cost, is what it will cost.
  • We offer cleaning plans to fit your budget. We can clean once a month or once a week to fit your schedule and your budget.
  • We hold our work in high regard. We train our maids to be proud of their work and to make sure they leave a home as clean as they possible can.
  • We care! We want to make sure you are happy with our services and if you aren’t, we will make it right. It is important that our reputation continues to be one of excellence and pride.
  • Our pricing in competitive. We offer our services at affordable rates and can base our services on what your home needs, not what the standard cleaning process is.

We hope these reasons are enough for you to want to give Executive Maids a chance to clean your home. Whatever your cleaning needs are, Executive Maids can accommodate your wishes. We are an amazing maid service in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. We would love to show you just how amazing we are.

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