Best Maid Service For Your Money in Philly

Price shop for toilet paper, not your cleaning service

"One of the most common misconceptions about shopping for a house cleaning service is viewing the cheapest price as your best value option. It is one thing to bargain shop for household items like your Charmin toilet paper. Charmin is the same at Wal-Mart or your local grocery store, but the price may vary. So you shop to find it for the cheapest price. That makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is trying to do that with anyone who provides you with a service. If you are looking for maids in Philadelphia, comparison shop but look for the best quality, not price."


While a product and model number is the same regardless of where you purchase it, the same is not true of home service providers. This pertains to plumbers, electricians, painters, handymen and house cleaning services. If you have ever hired two or more house cleaners, you have already learned that inconstancy is more the norm than not. Typically, the lower down the price ladder you shop, the more you are likely to encounter less than stellar work. It isn’t always the case but is often true. High-end prices can lead to high dissatisfaction also.

Deciding to hire a house cleaning service is most likely not a decision you have made lightly. After all, most of us are on a budget and we have to watch our money. But, if housework is becoming more than you can handle, hiring a cleaning service may just save you money in the long run. If you neglect your house because you don’t have time, over time things fall into disarray and soon enough you may be replacing floors or cabinets because they were neglected. Then replacing becomes an issue. When you hire someone to clean and maintain your household fixtures, you are investing in the integrity of your home.

With that said, don’t you want to find the best maid service? We aren’t suggesting that you are Rockefeller and can hire live-in help to follow you around 24/7 and wait on you hand and foot. But you want to find a maid service you can trust and know they will get the job done for you when you can’t. When you shop for a maid service, research them. Find out how long they have been in business, if they are licensed, how many employees they have and, above all else, what kind of ratings and reviews they have. You want to find someone who will give good custom service, meet your needs and fit your budget.

Many cleaning companies will work with you on a budget. So if they are reputable, give them a chance even if you think you can’t afford them. Don’t hire someone because they are the cheapest you could find. Chances are you will get a cheap quality cleaning as well. Remember this when researching maids in Philadelphia.

At Executive Maids, we aren’t the cheapest but we certainly aren’t the most expensive, we are just right for your budget!

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