Best Maid Service in Philadelphia

Best Maid Service in Philadelphia

Clearing the air about keeping your bathroom clean

"Let’s face it. The worst room in the house to clean is the bathroom. After all, it is the most used room and the room most susceptible to mildew and bacteria. Gross. The best maid service in Philadelphia doesn’t even like cleaning bathrooms but they get paid to do it so they do it thoroughly and well. What can you do in between your maid visits? It’s not the task itself that is hard, it’s the fact that you have to keep cleaning it."

Here are a few ways to make cleaning the bathroom as clean as possible until the maid service can come and make it better.

Combat the mildew

Moisture is the biggest culprit in derailing your bathroom cleaning efforts. Moisture can cause mildew, water spots and leaves a smell. There are a few things you can do to tackle moisture. After you shower, take a couple extra minutes to pull excess moisture from the walls by using a shower squeegee. Also, in the shower, use a water repellent on shower doors. We’re talking about the kind you use on your car windshields. What works on your windshield will work on your shower doors. These water repellents help repel water, soap and minerals so they slide right down your drain before they have a chance to linger.

Air it out

Don’t forget to run your exhaust fan during your shower and for a few minutes after. It will help prevent mildew as well as dry your damp towels. No fan? Open the window while you shower and for a little while after too. Yes, even in the wintertime.

Keep it clear

Like any other room in your house, your bathroom probably sees its share of clutter. Especially the tiny bathrooms without a ton of space. Your counter tops and medicine cabinets get so bombarded with medicines and beauty products, especially if more than one family member uses it. Start with expired medication, disposing of them properly. You will be amazed at how much space you will soon have! Next, focus on beauty products. Yes, soap and toothpaste do have expiration dates. If you are limited on space, get some shower caddies for each family member and put the things they use on a daily basis in them. You can line them up on a shelf and keep everything neat and tidy and off the counters.

Be consistent

Checking on your bathroom daily will help maintain it and keep it up to par until the cleaning service is there to give it a complete overhaul. If you have one thing on your calendar each day, you will find your bathroom will stay cleaner longer. We aren’t suggesting getting on your hands and knees each day and scrubbing away. That is what your maid service is for. But straightening things up a bit each day will go a long way.

Breathe easier

It does help to get help once in a while. So hiring a maid service to clean your bathroom is ok. They are experts which means they will clean that bathroom better than you probably can and that is extremely important when it comes to your bathroom.

Let Executive Maids, the best maid service in Philadelphia, help tackle your tough bathroom needs.

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