Best Maids in Philadelphia with Tricks & Tips

Best Maids in Philadelphia with Tricks & Tips

Winter Clothing Care Guide

"Before you know it, spring will be upon us. Although it may not feel like it right now, pretty soon it will be time to put those winter boots and coats away until next year. If you want to make sure they survive another year, there are things you need to do in order to store them properly so that when you reach for them next winter, they will be good as new and ready to go. The Executive Maids team has some tips to share with you on getting your winter clothing ready for their long spring nap. We are your maids in Philadelphia with a lot of tricks up our sleeves!"

The first step is to clean everything before you get started. Oils that linger from deodorants and perfumes can discolor the fabric over time. Food stains will attract moths. Don’t anticipate storing things in dry-cleaning bags if you decide to have things dry cleaned. Those bags will yellow fabric and trap moisture so be sure to remove those bags if dry cleaning is the route you are taking.


Button your buttons, zip your zippers and empty out pockets. Hang structured or down coats on thick wooden hangers inside breathable canvas garment bags. Coats stuffed with polyfill can go in vacuum-sealed bags and compressed halfway for space. This will actually allow them to keep their shape.


Fold into thirds and then in half and stick in a plastic bin. Be sure to put the heaviest knits at the bottom. Place white tissue paper between layers. This will keep color from transferring.

Boots and shoes

Remove dirt from rubber soles with a wire brush and then clean the rest with a shoe brush. Stuff the legs of high boots with tissue paper so they retain their shape and store upright.


Place gloves and scarves (rolled up) loosely together in a plastic bin. Stuff hats with tissue paper so they don’t bend or lose shape and then place in a hat box or other breathable container.

Deciding where to store your winter garments can be a pain. Do not store in the garage or attic as these become the hottest places in the house in the winter months and can do severe damage to your winter clothes and accessories. Try storing in a spare closet or if you have room, in the back of your own closet. Make them easy to get to should one of those odd northern days pop up before summer but enough out of the way so that you don’t have to think about them until next winter.

At Executive Maids we are the maids in Philadelphia to help with all of your spring cleaning. Now that we see something that resembles spring in the air, it is time to air out our homes and chase the winter blues away. Let us show you how we can help with your cleaning in time for spring.

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