Cleaner House in the New Year in Montgomery

Cleaner House in the New Year in Montgomery

New Year’s Resolution: Keep a cleaner house!


It’s a new year and a new you. Time to make time for the things you neglected in 2016. One thing we all resolve to do is keep a cleaner house. There are amazing maid service companies in Montgomery County who can help you with this particular resolution. We lead busier lives now more than ever and cleaning house with an already chaotic schedule just adds more stress to our lives.

Having a cleaning service take care of your house cleaning needs is an important aspect to making your life easier because keeping a clean house takes work. Incorporating smaller cleaning habits into your daily routine will keep your home consistently clean.

Make your bed

Making your bed is one of those habits that jumpstarts your morning and can actually inspire you to do more throughout the day. Establishing this ritual each morning leads to habits that start your morning right. It helps make your house look cleaner and makes slipping in between those sheets at night feel much more relaxing. Simply seeing your bed made can boost your energy levels for other tasks you take on during the day.

Keep your counters clear

Clutter can quickly accumulate on counters and the more clutter, the less likely the counter is actually going to get cleaned. Whether you are cleaning those counters yourself or hiring a cleaning company, make life easier by keeping the counters clear. It’s very easy to leave dirty dishes on the counter but the more you leave out, the dirtier your kitchen gets.

Clean as you go

When you cook, cleaning up after yourself as you go is an easier trick to keep dirty dishes at bay and make clean up later a lot easier. For example, on the days the dishwasher is already empty, load the dishes straight in as you cook. Then you only have a few dishes to load in after dinner is over. This way you can run the dishwasher after dinner and the kitchen is consistently clean. By identifying a few small habits, like the dishwasher, you too can easily implement a few habits to make sure you are cleaning as you go instead of creating large messes around your home.

Assign baskets

If you have multiple people living in your home, you have many more messes to clean up. To make tidying up easier, assign a basket to each household member. Have them walk through the house with their basket and collect items that belong to them. Clutter is a big challenge in keeping your house clean so returning items to their rooms will make a huge impact in how clean the house looks.

Just like having success in any part of your life, keeping a clean and maintained home comes down to the habits you do every day. When small cleaning is done on a regular basis your home will consistently be in great condition. Using an amazing maid service company in Montgomery County will help you with the major cleaning.

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