Cleaning Company Vs Housekeeper

Cleaning Company Vs Housekeeper

Why you should hire Executive Maids Vs Housekeeper?

A house cleaning company and housekeeping may seem to be pretty much the same thing, but the duties and tasks performed by each vary in terms of cost and thoroughness. Housekeepers perform light cleaning tasks only more often. On the other hand, cleaning companies such as Executive Maids provide thorough cleaning services but on an occasional basis. If you are a resident of Montgomery County or Philadelphia, you should consider hiring Executive Maids for all your residential household clean-ups.

Why Executive Maids and not Housekeepers.

Insured and bonded. It is always safe to hire a cleaning service from a professional cleaning company. So, before you consider hiring a housekeeper, think about the potential tax headaches. Moreover ponder on what would happen if something is stolen or broken in your home. Are you covered for any ugly scenarios such as a cleaner falling sick or in case of slip, trip and fall accidents? Well, if you are not sure about this, consider hiring cleaning services from Executive Maids. Our maids are fully  insured and bonded. So, you do not have to worry about loss should any of these unfortunate scenarios occur.
Fleet of Cars. All of us would prefer cleaning services that are quick to get and relatively reliable. Think of what could happen if your house keeper falls sick or takes a day off when you house is in total mess. Your house guests will be arriving and your busy schedule can’t afford time off to do the cleaning yourself! That’s horrible! Why then should you go for a housekeeper when you can get best cleaning services from a professional cleaning company?  Cleaning services from Executive Maids are the most reliable and convenient for all folks of Philadelphia and towns in Montgomery County. We have a fleet of cars for use by our Cleaning Maids and we have mechanics that regular perform maintenance tasks on our fleet to assure the cars are safe and reliable.  Therefore, when you need fast response cleaning services just contact us and we will be there in time to meet the set time schedule. We will even go a step ahead and call you a day before to issue you the estimated time of arrival for our Cleaning Maids.
Supervisors to call or email. Most calls are to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our maid and cleaning service. When you need professional cleaning services, choose a cleaning company that is also easy to reach. Executive Maids is the best cleaning company to go for since they have instituted the necessary mechanisms and measures to ensure you get in touch with them should a mishap occur when their maids are tending to your home. Traditionally, there is a supervisor assigned to each cleaning team to manage the work in progress. Random calls from the Executive Maids office assure your happiness and our professionalism.
We accept all major credit cards. We accept all major credit cards such MasterCard, American Express and Visa. In addition, you can pay in cash or write us a check. You will always receive a receipt with your cash or check payment.


So guys… Executive Maids is the way to go for all your household cleaning services in Philadelphia and Montgomery County.

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