Cleaning for Young Millenials in Philly

Cleaning for Young Millenials in Philly

We’ll clean your place like your mother used to!

In this day and age, we are busier and live life a little more chaotically than before. Young adults are emerging from college with drive and determination. The last thing they are thinking about is how to clean up after themselves. Maybe now is the time to start thinking about hiring an amazing maid service in Philadelphia and Montgomery County to help.

Years ago, it was the mother and wife’s job to keep house while the husband worked and the kids went to school. What is a "homemaker" anymore? In most cases, it’s not keeping house but trying to manage a little slice of an apartment. You are young and trying to live in the big city while jump-starting your career. That is admirable, but it’s also important to keep that little fraction of the American dream clean and fresh even when you don’t have the time to do it yourself.

In addition to having someone come in and mop, sweep and dust, there are quick and easy things you can do that help your space look less cluttered and quite neat if you take a few moments to do it.

Wash linens

Let’s assume you wash your sheets every other week (we hope you are doing this. If you aren’t, start picking up this habit), but what about the pillows? Make sure you toss your pillows into the wash every few months so that they remain clean and fresh. And we know you aren’t washing your towel after every shower. In order to keep things clean, alternate between two towels. This way, each towel has time to fully dry out before you use it again.


In small spaces, it is hard to keep your place sparse and need looking. The best way to keep everything looking fresh and organized is to actually organize your space. A coffee table with storage space, reorganizing your closet with a professional closet system and using shelving and bins all help hid the clutter and keep your space looking clean at all times.

Keep the kitchen clean

If you decide to hire a maid service, they will come in and wipe down your counters, clean appliances and upon request, even clean your fridge. But for everyday cleanliness, make sure dishes are washed or put in the dishwasher and that food is not left out anywhere. You will be amazed at how quickly sugar ants and other small bugs can congregate when they sense food. Getting rid of them is not so quick.

If you are a young professional and Mom isn’t around to clean up after you, it is important that you keep your space fresh and clean. And even if you space is small, hiring a maid service can prove to be very valuable to you in the long run. Smaller spaces tend to get dirtier quicker and the messes are more definitive because there is less room to store things.

If you are looking for an amazing maid service in Montgomery County to help, contact Executive Maids. We can clean up after you just like Mom use to.

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