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Cleaning Service for Philadelphia’s Main Line Area

Imagine never having to clean your house again!

Keeping your home clean can be a strenuous and time consuming activity. With the many things on your ‘to do list’, you may have little or no time to ensure your house stays sparkling clean. So, why worry about dusting, scrubbing and cleaning when we, at Executive Maids, can provide you with all the much needed cleaning services?

We’ve have been in this business of making your homes germ-free and sparkling clean since 1993. So, if you are a resident of Philadelphia metropolitan area, which includes the Main Line, and require cleaning maids to clean your residential house, contact Executive Maids for best cleaning deals.

Why should you choose Executive Maids cleaning services?

Executive Maids has 24+ years of experience in the house-cleaning business and we have won twice the award of Best of Philly for maid services. We also employ a systematic approach while doing your house cleaning services. Basically, our three-member cleaning team gives you cleaning services that leaves you relaxed and with enough time to have fun with your family.

Moreover, you need not to worry about cleaning equipment and products since our cleaning company supplies all our cleaning teams with them. So, what you just need to do is call us and relax as we do all the cleaning chores. However, if you prefer us using your own products, we can do so and you only need to leave them for us with proper instructions for use to our maids.

What are the main cleaning areas we concentrate on as Executive Maids?

Our cleaning company does cleaning on the following four main areas.

Bathroom – we clean the mirrors, outside of cabinets and all things in the bathroom and disinfect them-counters, sinks, shower, trashcan, clean floor and toilet.

Dusting – we dust the ceiling fans, vents and over door frames and ceiling perimeter. We also dust ledges, woodwork and windowsills and wash them if need be.  If bed is stripped and clean sheets set out for us, we do change the bed linens and collect the rubbish.

Kitchen – our team does the cleaning of outside of cabinets and major appliances. However, inside of major appliances and the cabinets can also be cleaned upon your request.  We also do cleaning of inside toaster and microwave ovens, disinfect counters, sinks, chairs, tables, floor, and woodwork and collect trash.

Vacuuming – we vacuum all the staircases, edge carpeting if need be, carpets, tile floors, hardwood and outside/inside of furniture as need be. We also mop tile floors and hardwood.

Besides these areas, we also do special projects upon prior request. Such services as window cleaning, spring cleaning, inside the refrigerator cleaning, oven cleaning and any other special cleaning request can be done at an additional charge. All you need is to call and schedule in advance.

For all your cleaning services around the Philadelphia Main Line areas, contact Executive Maids for the best ever cleaning deals that will leave all your home spotlessly clean.

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