Cleaning Service in Philadelphia

Cleaning Service in Philadelphia

Moving in? Moving out? We can help!


Buying a new home?

There is nothing more thrilling than owning your own home. If you are moving into a new place, and especially if you are a first time homeowner, you want to step in that door to a clean, fresh space. And what if you walk into a disaster? Not the kind of disaster where walls are ripped down and glass is broken everywhere, but the dirty kind.

The cobwebs and dust that clearly shows the seller didn’t care to clean up after they vacated. That’s where Executive Maids comes in. Call us in the Philadelphia area and we will zap away those cobwebs and dust bunnies and make sure you are coming home to a fresh, clean space.

We’ve won Philly’s Best Cleaning Service Award twice!

Selling your house?

If you are selling your home, you want to make sure it is empty and clean as the new owners move in. There is nothing more horrifying than leaving your house dirty and gross for the new owners to see. How embarrassing! Once the furniture and your other possessions are packed up and removed, you want to access the house and make sure you aren’t leaving behind a disaster of the dirty kind. That is a reflection on you even if the buyers don’t know who you are. This is where Executive Maids comes in! If you are selling your home and looking for a great cleaning company in the Philadelphia area, we can do a thorough cleaning and make sure your good name doesn’t get dragged through the proverbial mud.

At Executive Maids, we can come into an empty home, whether you are buying or selling it, and clean it thoroughly from top to bottom. We can mop the floors, vacuum the carpet, wipe down the appliances, countertops and cabinets, clean the toilets, windowsills and bathtubs and chase those dust bunnies right out the door. We will disinfect so that the empty home is left looking and smelling clean and fresh. So you can either leave your old home with pride or enter your new home with excitement.

We are in the season of home buying and selling and instead of being distracted by having to clean out an empty space, a cleaning service is your most effective way. Packing and purging should be your main priority. Not wondering if your home is clean when emptied. Executive Maids can come in and take care of that issue for you. We are thorough and affordable. It makes sense to leave the cleaning of a just emptied house to the professionals.

Call Executive Maids today and let us explain how we can help. We are experienced cleaning professionals in the Greater Philadelphia area. So if your new or old home needs a thorough cleaning before your enter or leave, Executive Maids is your answer. We cover more than just the Philadelphia area and we provide the one of the best cleaning services around.

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