Cleaning Service in Philadelphia

What can you expect from a cleaning service?

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If you have made the decision to hire a cleaning service in Philadelphia, you may be wondering exactly what to expect from a cleaning company. Above all, you should expect trustworthiness but you should also expect professionalism. You are essentially hiring a team of strangers into your home and giving them access to everything you worked hard to have. It is where you live, eat and sleep. It is the culmination of your life and the one place you should always feel safe.


When you hire a cleaning company you should be able to trust them to come into your home, do a thorough job and leave without incident. You need to trust that the company you hire has, in turn, hired a trustworthy staff. Staff should be licensed, bonded and insured. They should have had a background check upon being hired and that check should be spotless.


Aside from trustworthiness, professionalism is the second thing you should expect from a cleaning service. You expect them to show up on time, do a thorough job and leave your home as if tiny little fairies came in, lifted the dirt, dust and grime and left everything else untouched.

Being professional means being respectful of someone else’s time and property. Adhering to a schedule is more important than ever. You hired a cleaning service to save you time, not the other way around. You want the convenience of not worrying about cleaning your house, if the staff shows up late, that is hardly convenient.


You should expect your cleaning service team to come into your home with the best cleaning supplies and tools on the market. If your cleaning service shows up with less than stellar supplies, you can bet your house won’t be clean when they are done. Old, dirty rags, old equipment, and generic cleaners aren’t going to do the trick.


You should expect a cleaning service to ask you what you expect and how often you expect your house to be cleaned. Once they know that cleaning the bathroom is not your forte but that you are a stickler with the vacuum cleaner, they will have a path of understanding on which spaces in your house to focus more on. If your children tend to be messier than you would like, you may want to hire the cleaning service to come more often than someone without children and who is rarely home. Expect a cleaning service to ask you these things.

Ultimately what you should expect from a cleaning service is trustworthiness and professionalism. You want a company you can trust with your living space. You want to trust that you will come home to a perfectly clean house with nothing gone missing. You want the professionalism of a company sticking to their schedule and working with you to understand what you would like cleaned, and how often.

Executive Maids and their amazing staff know you expect these things and they know how to provide them.

If you are expecting the best cleaning service in Philadelphia, contact Executive Maids. They will exceed your expectations!

Call: 215.690.4000


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