Cleaning Services For Your Every Need

Cleaning Services For Your Every Need

Executive Maids is more than just a Philadelphia-based cleaning company; we do special projects as well! Not only do we service Philadelphia, but we have clientele in Montgomery County and Bucks County as well as many other locations.


Keeping your house clean is not only important for the opinion of the house-guests you entertain, but for your overall health as an occupant of that house. It’s true. Wiping away the germs from a wintry cold and sanitizing kitchen and bathroom areas as well as door knobs and handrails and the like make for a much healthier environment.

It may not be possible to clean the house you live in yourself because, well…sometimes life just gets in the way, but there is no need to panic. Executive Maid cleaning services are available in the Philadelphia Metro area that cover an array of chores and projects. Of course, the nature of the service you want is dictated amongst other things by the budget you are willing to allocate to cleaning services.

Daily cleaning

Why would you need a daily cleaning service? If you own a large home and you want to employ someone who will be accountable for the daily cleaning needs of the entire premises, then you may want to hire a daily service. Most often, weekly service works rather well for larger homes. A team of maids come at an arranged time of the day to clean your home and work on a special project.

Vacation cleaning

Going on vacation is an important part of living because it gives an individual the chance to unwind and take a break from their usual work or school routine. When on vacation, most people lock their houses and the very day they come back is bound to be a cleaning day because of the dust build up. Maid services are a good way for ensuring that you come back to a clean and habitable house after your period of relaxation. You may need that the house is cleaned on a daily basis, but since it will not be in use, weekly or even monthly general cleaning is highly recommended. The frequency of having your house cleaned when you are away will be determined by how long you plan on staying away.

Thorough cleaning

Once in a while, it is important to remove upholstery, carpet remnants and fittings for general cleaning. Executive Maids always runs their Spring Cleaning Specials, a perfect time to do a Deep Cleaning.   Doing this on a regular basis ensures that contaminants like mold and rodent droppings do not stay too long as to get a chance to be hazardous to good health. While there are many Philadelphia cleaning companies that offer these types of services and will even guide you on how to prevent home contamination yourself, the team at Executive Maids will give you the very best house cleaning service and advice. Check out the blog, it’s full of household tips.

Keeping clean will will help to keep you healthier and prevent those trips to the local Urgent-Care or doctor’s office for dirt-related illnesses or frequent colds. With so many cleaning service options for your home, talk with one of the Exectutive Maids office staff what cleaning needs may work well for you.

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