Cleaning Services Philadelphia

Cleaning Services Philadelphia

How do you pick the right cleaning services from all the cleaning companies you find when searching online?

Doing research on anything takes time and patience. Selecting the best cleaning company in Philadelphia also takes some work. When you do a Google search, the first listings you see are paid results. Everything on the right hand column is also a paid result. After the paid listings, you usually see a Google Maps listing for relevant house cleaning services in the area you live.

You can also search review websites like Angie’s List to find the best maid service in the Philadelphia area. You’ll find them listed within your search results, too.


So How Do You Choose the Right Cleaning Company to Service Your Home?

The large commercial cleaning companies have the funds to pay for consistent paid search results. Most of the large maid service companies are franchised. There are so many cleaning companies offering cleaning services in Philadelphia and so many that are start-up that are here today and gone tomorrow. The problem here is discerning the right and best company to employ for all your cleaning needs. What are some of the indicators of best cleaning companies? Well, if you are about to hire maids to keep your home spotlessly clean, look for cleaning companies that meet the following thresholds.

Price. Sometimes a budget will force you to choose the lesser expensive company. That said, sometimes, we get what we pay for, as the saying goes. There are many instances where a higher price gets you a better service or product. There are many variables used by cleaning companies to determine the price of a cleaning. Compare prices and services from different cleaning companies.

Privately owned. Best cleaning companies are those that are privately owned. Trust me, hiring a franchised cleaning company can leave you with the worst experience for maid services. If you’re a Philadelphia resident, consider hiring best cleaning services from privately owned companies like Executive Maids. As a matter of fact, private is the way to go since these cleaning companies take personal interests in all their clients cleaning services so as to build on their business and reputation.

Fully insured and bonded maids. Consider all the financial implications in case of any mishaps during a cleaning when choosing cleaning companies for your household. Besides, the legitimate cleaning companies are those with fully bonded and insured maids. It’s too risky to hire uninsured cleaning companies or maids. So folks, if a cleaning company is not willing to show you a certificate of liability, workers compensation and a bond insurance, then you have no business hiring their cleaning services.

Equipment and products. Very few cleaning companies come fully armed with all the cleaning equipment and products. The best cleaning services for you as a resident of Philadelphia or its surrounding counties are those that come with their own equipment and products for the job. Purchasing some cleaning equipment and products can be financially draining. To make sure you are covered for that, why not go for cleaning companies that come fully prepared for the job? Nonetheless, if you would prefer the maids using your own products, Executive Maids is the best cleaning company since apart from having all their cleaning teams fully equipped, they also allow their clients to provide cleaning products. However, the client should give guideline on the use of the products.

Long history.  Executive Maids has been cleaning houses in Philadelphia since 1993! Cleaning services from highly experienced maids are always the best. Always go for a cleaning company that has been in this business for a long time. If the company has been in existence for just a few months, do not expect any quality services from them.

Make a phone call. It only takes a few minutes to make a call and get a feel for the company by the representative who speaks with you. A good company knows that customer service is key to its success. This will be indicated by the person that answers your call.

So, Philly…these and of course other factors can be pointers to the best cleaning services. Executive Maids’ reputation as the best cleaning service in Philadelphia has seen them claim Best of Philly Award more than once!

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