Communication – It Keeps Clients And House Cleaning Companies On The Same Page

Communication – It Keeps Clients And House Cleaning Companies On The Same Page

So what exactly comes to mind when you hear the words ‘house cleaning service?’ Think about that for a moment or two.  

It’s sort of a generic term that just tells you a little bit about what to expect. Essentially, the term tells you that the service being provided is about cleaning. Nothing more. But what kind of house cleaning and the cleaning of what?

The point we are making here is that in order for you to be a satisfied customer, when you hire a house cleaning service there has to be some serious communication from both sides before work can begin or the house cleaner may totally miss what the customer wants done.

When you hire Executive Maids we are pretty good at the communication part of the equation. We will ask questions to completely determine what it is you need from us. If all you want cleaned in your kitchen is your refrigerator, and the cleaner does your whole kitchen but misses the fridge, there will be a problem. That’s why we completely cover it all through communicating with you.

We like to say that Executive Maids performs a ‘detailed, thorough’ house cleaning and in order for us to keep using that line, we need to do exactly that. But detailed and thorough for us also includes the conversations with our customers so that we can put together the customized house cleaning program they need and request from us.

When you hire Executive Maids, expect a lot of questions. We’ll even ask you these: 

1 – What are your pet peeves about house cleaners? 

Hey, we gotta ask. If you’ve had a house cleaner or another house cleaning service in your home before that – for example – left wet footprints in the hallway after mopping the bathroom floor – you can bet we won’t do that. We understand that having strangers in your personal space can be an issue and if you need peace of mind, Executive Maids carries insurance that protects us from liability, on-job accidents and theft.

2 – What was it like with other house cleaning services you hired?

We aren’t trying to pick your brain about our competitors, but we do want to learn from your experience with others in our industry. This information helps us to become better at what we do. Honestly, it does. Oh, and it does teach us about what other house cleaning services may be doing right or wrong.

Executive Maids is fully insured and for a Free Estimate on the cleaning of your home just call us today at 215-690-4000. If you are in the Philadelphia Tri-County area or Burlington or Camden Counties in New Jersey area you can also ‘Request A Free Quote’ by filling out our online form.

We truly believe that the best way to work together with our customers is through honest, open and clear communication. That way they get what they want and we get the job done that you expect to have done.

For a house cleaning service that is ‘detailed and thorough’ your logical home cleaning solution is Executive Maids. Call us today for details at 215-690-4000.

Let the ladies in the pink shirts scrub away all your troubles and make you home sparkle!