Creating a Beautiful, Cozy Bed as your Bedroom Focal Point is Easier than you think

Creating a Beautiful, Cozy Bed as your Bedroom Focal Point is Easier than you think


    Your bed is the focal point in your bedroom. It should be all about you. By picking the right accents, fabrics and thread count you can easily spruce up your bedroom décor. We even encourage you to sleep in. After you’re done, you’ll deserve it.


Step 1: Bed Basics
Understanding the basic elements of creating a comfortable bed is the kind of must-know information that will help when it comes to giving it an updated sense of style.

  • Thread Count
    When it comes to picking a thread count, a higher count does not always equal greater comfort. Thread count actually measures the number of threads per square inch, not the softness, style or quality of the material.Thread counts ranging from 200 to 400 work well with a quality single ply cotton sheet like 100 percent combed cotton. This is preferred over carded cotton, which generally feels rougher since it doesn’t go through as complex of a spinning process.Tip: Since softness can depend on so many factors such as the type of fabric, thread count, price and—perhaps most importantly—the manufacturer, spend time touch testing a variety of sheets to find what feels best to you.
  • Washing
    It’s best if sheets and duvet covers are washed once a week to keep them freshly cleaned, although it’s ultimately up to your personal preference. Sheets should be washed on the warm setting since anything over 104°F is considered hot and can shrink fibers.Most classic bed pillows can be machine washed a couple times per year-just be sure to check your pillow’s washing instructions. Also, make sure to turn pillowcases, duvet covers and patterned fabrics inside out when washing to help preserve color.

Step 2: Color
With a few easy color additions or changes, you can turn your bed into the centerpiece and most influential decorative piece in your space.

  • Choose a base color for your bed like dreamy light blue, lovely lavender or mossy green. Include complementary colored patterns or motifs with the use of pillows, throws or blankets.
  • Start with a neutral like white or gray and add a few bright pops of color for a striking effect.
  • Use colors found in current accents and artwork as inspiration for including complementary colors with your bed linens to give your bedroom a unified look.

Step 3: Fabrics
Purchasing a brand new set of bedding can be pricey and difficult to find an appealing pre-packaged set or pattern that piques your interest. The bedding you have on hand can easily be enhanced with the addition of new fabrics in the form of pillows, throws or sheets.

  • Use a variation of textures, colors and patterns to add contrast and style to the bed. For a bold, geometric theme, try using solid-colored, square pillows with a rectangular, patterned throw that incorporates a complementary color from a textured comforter. Look for an upcoming article about Mixing and Matching colors and patterns.
  • Accent pillows often have interesting stitching, beading or patterns that can add depth and class to the top of your bed.
  • A comfortable blanket or throw can be folded in various ways and draped across the comforter for an inviting place to relax with a good book without unmaking the bed!

Step 4: Personalization
Set your bed apart with a few easy décor touches that can turn ordinary bedding into a custom creation.

  • Use artsy batik patterns to alter fabric materials with wax and dye.
  • Create a quilt, throw or pillow out of your favorite fabrics from around the house. You can even sew fabrics such as scarves, handkerchiefs, doilies or sentimental t-shirts into quilts, throws, pillows or comforters. For a more vintage appearance, check out your local thrift store for antique fabrics such as floral prints, art deco patterns or Victorian lace.
  • Have your duvet, comforter or throws monogrammed for a small fee, or create a beautiful stenciled duvet cover yourself (or have one made for you.)

Now that you have the know-how, all you need is the can-do. With a few easy changes to your current bedroom décor, you can unwind in your new relaxing and intimate space in no time.