Daily Cleaning Tips

Daily Cleaning Tips

Everyone always wants their house to look immaculate, but very few have enough time to tidy up as often as they should. Those who get caught up in the notion that they need to dedicate an extended amount of time cleaning often never get around to the task until their house requires hours of work. As we spend our days making clients homes shine, let’s take a look at some daily tips that you can start applying in your routine to leave your home looking cleaner and less cluttered.

Bedroom: Since you begin and end every day here, you should want it to be a soothing atmosphere. Nothing creates the feeling of discord quite like an unmade bed and clothes scattered across the floor. To create harmony in the room and set a tone for the day, make the bed when you get out of it. Immediately, the room will appear cleaner. At the end of the day, place your dirty clothes in the hamper and if you did laundry that day, put away the clean clothes.

Bathroom: Something as simple as folding your towels will go a long way in making the bathroom cleaner and less cluttered between visits from our Philadelphia cleaning service. It will not only make the space look nicer, but it also helps the towels dry faster and prevent mildew from growing. You can also keep a bottle of disinfectant under the sink to quickly clean in and around the toilet.

Kitchen: We recommend viewing your dishwasher as a storage area for dirty dishes. Thinking of the appliance with this mindset, you will be more likely to put items in there instead of placing them in the sink where they will sit for hours. Spray the countertops and kitchen table after each meal to ensure you’re clearing away as much bacteria as possible.

Mail: Another way to make your house seem tidier is by effectively managing your mail. To organize the influx of letters and bills, consider purchasing a decorative indoor mailbox to provide an aesthetically pleasing way to sort mail. If you want to eliminate the need to manage paper mail altogether, you can see if you have option to be emailed the billing information.

With these tips, you can fight the buildup of clutter and clean your home without dedicating hours of time to the task. With the application of these simple efforts in your Burlington, NJ house and our maid services, your home will maintain its pristine condition no matter what your week has to throw at it.