Daily Home Organization can be Quick and Manageable

Daily Home Organization can be Quick and Manageable

  Keep your home clean and organized year-round by focusing on quick tasks that help you break free from overwhelming chores. Use this easy guide to start manageable organizing habits.  These helpful hints may seem too easy, but they are overlooked by many.  These new habits will help you maintain a clutter-free and beautiful home


Daily Deeds
Pick a few tasks that are everyday priorities in your home, or do them all in just over an hour a day:

    • Toss Trash: Take 3-5 minutes to get rid of 3-5 things. The fridge, your pantry, closets, the garage or basement are all good places to do this.
    • Put Things Away: Pick up 3-5 things in your immediate area and put them where they belong in 3-5 minutes. For example: laundry, toys, paperwork, mail, jewelry or shoes.
    • Do a Surface Reorganization: Take 3-5 minutes every day to clear or reorganize one surface, like the kitchen counter, your dresser or the coffee table.
    • Do a Quick Clean: Choose one item or area that often gets overlooked, like the top of the fridge or the coffee maker, and give it a quick clean for 3-5 minutes.
    • Use a Basket: Keep a basket in 3 high traffic areas of your home to collect orphaned odds n’ ends. Sort items in the baskets once a week for 3-5 minutes or rotate the responsibility through your family members.

Start Helpful Habits
Take 3-5 minutes a day to get into these good habits and you’ll feel the clutter of daily life begin to melt away:

    • Make the Bed: It makes your bedroom look and feel neater, and it sets you up for sticking to good habits all day long. For more beautiful bed-making tips, read our article on Creating a Beautiful, Cozy bed as your Bedroom Focal Point is easier than you think
    • Sort Your Mail: As soon as you pick it up, do a quick sort. Throw away junk, hand out mail for other household members, collect magazines or catalogs in a basket or rack and put everything else in an inbox.
    • Straighten Up Your Entryway: Putting your shoes in a rack or cleaning off your entry table can make a big difference and a big impression on family and guests.
    • Clean Out Your Purse: Spending a few moments at night de-cluttering your bag can help keep it from getting messier in the long run and prepare you for tomorrow.
    • File Papers: To create a clean and inviting workspace, take 3-5 minutes to file 3-5 papers where they belong or start a new file.

By creating small daily cleaning and organizing routines and sticking to new habits, you’ll have more time to enjoy a clean home and relaxing moments.