Easy Window Screen Cleaning

Easy Window Screen Cleaning

Window screens help you enjoy the nice weather by circulating fresh air while eliminating any worry about insects. When screens get dirty, they make a mess of your windows. Every time it rains, the grime from those screens will spot the glass.


1. To clean without taking down the screens, wipe them every couple of weeks with an old pair of nylon stockings or an onion bag. Both of these items will scrub off dust without damaging your screens. You can also try the soft brush attachment on your vacuum.


2. Once a year you should pull your screens down and give them a good washing. The easiest way to do this is to lay them on a flat, cloth covered surface so you don’t risk stretching them out. Scrub the screens with warm soapy water. For tougher dirt, add a little vinegar to the mix. When they’re clean, just rinse them off with your garden hose.


3. An easy way to clean a screened porch is to use a sprayer attachment on your hose. Cover the floor with some old sheets or towels. Then spray from the inside out. The strong spray will clean away the dirt quickly and easily.


This Helpful Hint was found on Mrs. Fixit’s website