Executive Maids 2009 Winner Best of Philly, (Philadelphia Magazine)

Executive Maids 2009 Winner Best of Philly, (Philadelphia Magazine)

Executive Maids keeps Center City homes beautiful and clean from high rise apartments to brownstones and everything inbetween

Executive Maids 2009 Winner Best of Philly, (Philadelphia Magazine) – Even though our beginning back in 1993 was in Philadelphia cleaning just one home per day, Executive Maids has grown into one of the key players in the Tri County(Phila., Bucks & Montgomery counties -PA) and (Burlington & Camden counties – NJ.)

The Executive Maids clients are  people who expect excellence and professionalism.  They have found it with Executive Maids.  This is one of many reasons why so many clients have been with us for many, many years.  

Executive Maids works to improve our service on a daily basis. We strive for excellence in the work we do in our clients homes, with the ongoing training we do with our staff and with learning what is important to our clients.  Executive Maids personalizes every home that they clean and gets to know the clients and the idiocyncracies of their homes.

Your team will come to your home is a Pink Executive Maids vehicle, fully equipped with everything they need to clean your home and keep it beautiful for you so that you can tend to the things that you want and need to do.  Don’t waste your time on cleaning…leave it to Executive Maids.

We clean all sizes of homes ranging from apartments and condos to regular sized family homes to mansions.

We work in Philadelphia (Center City) Monday through Thursday and the surrounding areas of Philadelphia throughout the week.

Executive Maids has been keeping Philadelphia’s Homes sparkling clean since 1993!

Philly mag votes on Best Cleaners every other year…We are striving to maintain that status this upcoming year!  This is great for you because to be the best we have to give you our best!

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 Executive Maids is for those who are too busy to clean

 You will be amazed and impressed!  

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