Executive Maids has 6 Suggestions to Keeping your New Year’s Resolution

Executive Maids has 6 Suggestions to Keeping your New Year’s Resolution


Keeping New Year’s resolutions need not be difficult.

Follow these simple suggestions

to make 2013 a year of success.


You’ll find  others giving up early,

while you’ll be going strong until 2014!


Remember to be more detailed or specific about your Resolutions.


Step 1: Create Specific and Detailed New Year’s Resolutions.

A broad goal such as to eat more healthy is likely to fail because it is far too general. Instead, figure out what eating healthily really means. Is it eating more vegetables? Or perhaps cutting down on fried foods? Then, set specific guidelines and benchmarks to accomplish your goal.


Step 2:Write your resolution down in a journal, post in a prominant position in your home, track your progress throughout the year and reward yourself for weekly or monthly successes.

Visualizing your resolution, and having opportunities to reflect on your successes and setbacks, can continue the momentum. Use a journal or post a chart in your home or use your computer and start a private or public online blog!  Weekly successes may be rewarded by starting a savings fund and adding to it for the weeks that you meet your goals or stick to your resolutions.  On the contrary, if you don’t do well, you might want to take back the reward from the week before as incentive to try harder the next week.


Step 3: Start small, and don’t become overly ambitious too soon.

We should concentrate on realistic goals that aren’t completely life-altering.  Trying to make major life changes will result in giving up on the resolution.


Step 4: Find a Resolution Friend that will help to motivate and re-invigorate.

Anytime you partner with another person you tend to have a higher success rate because you can encourage each other to keep going when you just don’t feel like you can do it.


Step 5: Anticipate setbacks, and ask for help when you need it.

Many find themselves frustrated when they slip up. In fact, 46% of people quit all together just after six months. If you’re finding it a challenge to continue, ask for help! Chances are, your family and friends want to see you accomplish your goals too.


Step 6: If keeping your home neater and cleaner is one of your New Years Resolutions, then hiring Executive Maids to maintain your home on a regular basis will help you be successful all year long in keeping this resolution.

You will also find that by hiring Executive Maids, not only will your home be neat and clean, but you will have more time on your hands because you won’t have to do the cleaning.  Then you will have more time to keeping your other New Years Resolutions!



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Below are just a few suggestions for New Years Resolutions