Executive Maids: Outstanding & Impressive Cleaning Services

Executive Maids: Outstanding & Impressive Cleaning Services

                 What does outstanding service mean for you? 

It means we train all of our staff to clean the Executive Maids way of cleaning.   We have regular staff meetings to train, praise and remind our staff about cleaning the way that our clients expect us to clean. We not only train our teams how to clean, but we teach them the importance of professionalism.  Our supervisors clean your home right along with the team.  Then she inspects your home after each cleaning before the team leaves your home.


Our Guarantee

We guarantee that your home will be professionally and thoroughly cleaned every time we clean your home.  However, should you find an oversight we can return to your home to touch up that oversight for you.  Our goal is not only to impress and amaze you but we also strive for total customer satisfaction

The Executive Maids Management Team is totally involved in the cleaning of your home from the time you first call to inquire about Executive Maids to taking detailed notes about your home and your cleaning needs.  We are always in contact with the team while they are cleaning.

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Quality Control Checks are very important to us.  We look for your feedback about your cleanings so that we can be sure that we are providing you with outstanding service.  You will always find a friendly and caring people at Executive Maids who will be responsible for keeping your home beautiful and clean with every cleaning.

For more information please call our office at 215-690-4000 or fill out a Request A Quote form so that we can discuss your home and your cleaning needs.  Then we can give your pricing and availability information.