Executive Maids Spring Cleaning Promotion

Executive Maids Spring Cleaning Promotion

Spring Cleaning Promotion

15% off your Full-Service Spring Cleaning*

Don’t spend your nights and weekends cleaning.
Leave it to the professionals.

Executive Maids

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You will be Impressed and Amazed!

And, you will be ready for all of your summer entertaining!


15% your Full SPRING Cleaning (sales of $250.00+)*

*(Sales of less than $250 receive a $25 discount.)*
Mention Online Spring Cleaning Promotion to receive your discount.

We thoroughly clean homes from top to bottom.

Totally detail clean every nook and cranny.

Some things you might want cleaned that you do not get cleaned on a regular basis:

Windows (inside and out if the windows tilt in); Cleaning inside the appliances in your home such as the oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, washer and dryer; Edging all of your Carpets;  Cleaning, as opposed to dusting, All Woodwork; Ceiling Fans; Windowsills and Sashes and Vacuuming Furniture


Executive Maids specializes in thorough and deep cleanings

as well as regularly scheduled maintenance cleanings

to keep your home clean all year long.

Click on the link below to view exactly what will be done to get your home into tip top shape as far as cleaning is concerned.

"Initial Cleanings and Spring Cleanings

are Detailed and thorough."

*Minimum service is for $120 + sales tax.  No discounts apply if any cleaning is limited to 1 hr or service.

**10% discount up to a maximum discount of $50

***No promotions may be combined with any other promotions