Executive Maids Strives To Be The Best Maid Service

Executive Maids Strives To Be The Best Maid Service

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Why does Executive Maids strive to be the best maid service?  Because we know how important  maid service is to our clients.  We understand about busy people who would rather spend their time with their families, being successful in their careers, traveling, etc.  Executive Maids has been cleaning and maintaining homes in the Philadelphia, Bucks & Montgomery Counties (PA) and Burlington and Camden Counties since 1993! We have been voted Best of Philly by Philadelphia Magazine since 2009.  Members of BBB and Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.

How does Executive Maids Stive to be the Best Maid Service?

1. One on One training-all new team members are trained one on one to learn to clean the Executive Maids way of cleaning.


2. Teamwork is key to oustanding maid service.  Our teams work together in teams of 3 or 4 cleaners.  Each member of the team is assigned to a specific cleaning function such as:  dusting, floor cleaning and vacuuming, bathroom cleaning or kitchen cleaning.  The team works together to make sure your home is clean, disinfected and beautiful upon completion of each cleaning.  The Team Supervisor inspects every home after the cleaning, before leaving your home to make sure that your team cleaned your home properly an thorougly.


3. Quality Control Checks via telephone calls and email are so important to us.  We do quality control checks to make sure that our clients are totally satisfied with their cleanings and to see if there is any way that we can improve our service.


4. Friday Morning Staff Meetings – are designed to touch base with the entire company.  We discuss the information gleaned from the Quality Control Checks.  We praise the teams and the cleaners for their successes and we remind them of the areas that they might need to improve upon.  This is also a forum for the teams or supervisors to bring up issues that they feel could help the other teams/cleaners improve their service to the clients.


4. Professional and Friendly Customer Service is very important to us.  We get to know our clients by discussing their home and their cleaning needs.  Making sure the clients are happy with their cleanings and the service that they receive is very key to Executive Maids.

Customer Service is Key to Executive Maids