Executive Maids’ Suggestions for Cleaning Wine Spills on Clothing

Executive Maids’ Suggestions for Cleaning Wine Spills on Clothing


You’re hosting a party and someone accidentally bumps into you, spilling your glass of red wine all over the front of your clothes. Don’t cry over your spilled wine and don’t panic. You won’t have to throw the blouse away. Red wine stains are usually easy to remove with items found around the house.


One of my favorite cleaning products is Oxiclean. It can be used on all sorts of stains.  Check out the link on the Oxiclean website

for Stain Emergencies. I keep a container in my bathroom for stain emergencies on clothing and carpeting.  I keep another container above my washer to add to my laundry.


But if you don’t have oxiclean, you can remove stains with several other products that you probably do have on hand.


Mix a solution of one part mild dish washing liquid (one that contains no bleaches or alkalis) and two parts hydrogen peroxide. Saturate the stain with this solution .  Put a cloth or towel behind the spill and pour or blot the solution onto the spot as soon as possible. With another towel or cloth push the spill out, using more solution if necessary. Flip over the garment, if possible, to get the wine off of the other side. Most of the wine should come out, but the garment will still have to be washed as usual.  Let it presoak until you do the laundry.


I highly recommend making up some of this solution before parties.

Keep it on the counter in the kitchen.

Then when a spill happens you are ready to take quick action.


You can also use the solution on carpeting. First blot up the access wine. Apply the solution, then press and release a towel onto the spill — blotting only, no rubbing.


Sprinkling salt on the spot is said to lift the liquid from the stain. Coarse salts such as Kosher salt works best. Leave on for a few minutes and wipe salt away. Blot with a damp cloth until the stain is removed.


Baking soda can be used in much the same manner. Sprinkle it over the stain and let sit until the wine is absorbed, wipe away, and blot with a cool, damp cloth. Launder as usual.


A paste of cream of tartar and water will also work to remove the red wine stain. Gently rub the paste into the stain and let sit. Remove the paste and blot with a damp cloth. Launder as usual as soon as you can get to a washing machine.


As you can see, a spilled glass of wine doesn’t make a ruined blouse.

All you need is some quick thinking and a well-stocked kitchen.