Executive Maids Tips for Keeping Your Wood Looking Better – Longer

Executive Maids Tips for Keeping Your Wood Looking Better – Longer

Tips from: Mrs. Fixit’s Newsletter


While all static dusters on the market are wonderful for removing dust, wood needs moisture to retain its beauty.


As a rule of thumb, you only need to moisturize surfaces  every three months or so.  More often can cause an oily buildup that’s hard to remove.


If a piece of furniture has been in a sunny spot and the wood’s dried out, you can restore its moisture with petroleum jelly. Rub it into the furniture with a soft cloth until you can see the finish come through. Then, take another cloth and buff it to a shine.


For regular wear and tear over time, remove excess polish, make a solution of white vinegar and water and put it on a well rung out cloth. This will strip away your old polish without damaging your wood. (If you add a tablespoon of olive oil to the mixture it’ll help re-fortify the wood!)


Pour a small amount of plain mineral oil to the cloth, not to the piece. Then, working in a circular motion, apply oil to the furniture. Once the oil has been worked into the wood, go over it again with a clean micro fiber cloth  working with the grain of the wood for a beautiful, flawless finish.


If you prefer a fragrance, you could use lemon or baby oil in place of the mineral oil. Remember, a little goes a long way.


For regular dusting wear cotton gloves, they’re easy to wash and they won’t leave any fingerprints behind!