Fall Cleaning With An Amazing Maid Service

Fall Cleaning With An Amazing Maid Service

Fall cleaning: getting ready for a long winter’s nap


Leaves changing color and falling off the trees signal that it’s time for important tasks to be done around your home and garden. Make sure you are ready for a long winter ahead. There are simple tasks that you can do to prepare yourself when the cold hits. One of these things is to make sure your house has been deep cleaned. Calling on an amazing maid service in Montgomery County to help tackle all of those big tasks is an easy and efficient way to get the job done.

Here are some great and easy tips you can do yourself to prepare as well:


If you like the feel of a warm, cozy bed in the middle of the winter, change your sheets from light cotton to all-cotton flannel and change your lightweight bedding to a down comforter.

Window treatments

Updating window covering is similar to changing out your summer bedding. Get out heavier curtains and drapes that will trap the heat in the house and keep out drafts. This also sets a more serene and elegant tone for the fall and winter months.


Take the time now to prepare your yard and garden for a long winter’s nap. Cut down and remove summer vegetables. Cut back any dead foliage and use as compost. Rake up leaves and pull all weeds before mowing the lawn for the last time.

Winter clothes

Take out your winter clothes from storage and wash or freshen them up before adding to your closet or drawers. Take an inventory as well as things that fit you last winter, may not work anymore. Take your summer clothes out of closets and drawers, wash and put them away as well.

All of these tips are made to help you prepare for the upcoming colder weather. Once you have winterized your home, you should think about the deep cleaning that needs to be done. It’s a good time to clean ceilings, walls, baseboards and all woodwork to get rid of all that summer dust that has built up. Deep cleaning also consists of moping floors, vacuuming rugs and getting in hard to reach places to make sure your home is clean and fresh and ready for the upcoming holiday season.

One way to get deep cleaning around the house is to hire a maid service to do it for you. If you are pressed for time or by the time you finish doing everything else, you may not want to tackle the chore of deep cleaning by yourself. It’s ok to ask for help and an amazing maid service in Montgomery County like Executive Maids, can give you the help you need. Designed as a 3-4-person team, Executive Maids comes into your home and is fast and thorough. Each team member tackles a project and then the team leader checks everyone’s work. No stone is left unturned with Executive Maids.

We would like to show you how we can help you prepare for fall. Call us today!

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