Find the Best Maid Company for your Home

Find the Best Maid Company for your Home

What to look for in the best maid company for your home

The constant demands of life make you busier than you could want. Career demands, family obligations, social activities, exercise and even downtime fill up your schedule in the blink of an eye. Taking care of your home’s cleaning needs is often one of the things that falls to the bottom of your calendar and that means having professional help is a good solution to this problem.

When you decide you want someone to clean your home, there are things to keep in mind when you seek out the best Philadelphia maid services:

Secured employees

It is an unfortunate reality that maid services are not always trusted when it comes to having access to your home. Unless you watch them every minute they work, you can’t be sure everyone is trustworthy. Good maid service companies have employees in place that have been through background checks and are okay with you running your own background checks on them. They will be bonded and insured so that that in the event of losses, you are both covered. Bonded workers are typically trustworthy as the company’s business and livelihood depend on it.

ID’d and uniformed

A good maid service will have their employees show up in uniforms as well as be able to provide ID in the form of a name badge with a photo. They may even go as far as to text or email you photos of they employees so that you know who is coming to your home before they even show up.

They come in teams

A reputable maid service will send more than one or two people to your home to clean. Typically, they send a team of three or four cleaners with a supervisor among them. They are given specific areas to clean and when the cleaning is done, the supervisor inspects the work so that if something isn’t done right, they make it right before they even leave.

Respond to negative feedback

Great maid services are going to have very high ratings on customer review sites. However, any business that does a lot of work will inevitably have some negativity from disgruntled customers. The best maid services will be apologetic and professional and will always attempt to make things right with customers.

Quality customer service

This is probably the most important feature in any company but one that is often put on the back burner. You want a cleaning company that not only provides the best cleaning for your home but provides the best customer service as well. Are they easy to contact? Are they courteous? Can they answer your questions honestly and accurately? If there is a problem or you have questions they should be able to rectify situations in a kind and courteous manner. They want the best for them but they want the best for you too. They understand how important your home is to you and they need to be able to respect them.

When looking for Philadelphia maid services, consider Executive Maids. We are a fully licensed and bonded company with years of experience.

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