Helpful Hint: 4 Ways to Cut Down on Kitchen Waste

Helpful Hint: 4 Ways to Cut Down on Kitchen Waste

(IVillage) Michel Nischan, chef, author and sustainable food advocate gave us some easy and practical ways to green your kitchen and even save money in the process.

Personally, I think #4 is one that we could all  save a lot of money if we started doing this.


1.    Always recycle glass, plastic, and paper and keep a separate bin or bag for these items in the kitchen.

2.    Try composting if you have an outside area to distribute your food-borne waste (peels, egg shells, fruit cores). This provides nutrient-rich soil for other uses.

Take a look at three short videos from YouTube that show you easy ways of composting in your own backyard.

The Perfect Compost Recipe – How to Get Your Compost Heap Cooking

Composting at Home – Two Easy Methods

Composting – Make It Happen:  A Guide To Backyard Composting

3.    Recycle your leftovers by saving them and using them in other meals. Leftover vegetables can be pureed to a vegetable soup. The remains of a rotisserie chicken can become chicken tacos or fajitas, along with some fresh vegetables.

4.     Don’t over-buy fresh foods, and limit your big-box store purchases to what your family can consume within a few days, to limit spoilage –- or share a larger bag with a friend or two.