Helpful Hint: Removing Water Stains From Wood

Helpful Hint: Removing Water Stains From Wood

How to Remove Water Stains from Wood Furniture

Inexpensive Commercial Solution
Water stains look terrible on wood. Not to worry. Executive Maids suggests a few DIY easy solutions. These articles are all good suggestions that anyone can do to remove water stains. Old English Furniture Oil – the dark one has always worked for me. I had a beautiful wood table that someone left a damp rag on. It took two treatments (both in the same day) I was very pleased with the results. Just follow the directions on the bottle. You just need one or two dry cotton cloths and the Old English.

White Toothpaste
We know it sounds a little crazy, but it works! Use just a bit of white toothpaste (no gels) atop the line of the water ring and let sit for a couple of minutes. Use a clean rag or cloth to lightly scrub away the toothpaste and you’ll notice a huge difference!

A Couple of Sources
has suggestions for removing water stains. It may seem a bit odd. But, I’ve tried it and it works.
Chicklettes Home and Garden suggests using an iron and a dry towel to remove fresh water stains and ones that have been there for 10 years.

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Dawn Hibbs, Executive Maids