Hiring A Maid Service in Philadelphia

Hiring A Maid Service in Philadelphia

What to expect from a maid service


Having a maid service in Philadelphia clean your house on a regular basis, or complete a one-time deep cleaning, is a wonderful way to take care of your home without spending hours on your knees with cleaning supplies. Regular cleaning also helps preserve wood floors, furniture, upholstery and countertops.

A maid service can be expected to come to your house and clean. But what does that entail?

The standard maid services include:

Vacuuming and mopping

All carpets, edge carpeting as needed, staircases, hardwood, tile floors, and inside/out of furniture as needed.


Ceiling perimeters, ceiling fans, vents and over door frames, dust windowsills, ledges and woodwork


Outside of cabinets and major appliances, inside toaster and microwave ovens, disinfect sink, counters, table and chairs, woodwork, floor and collect trash.


Outside of cabinets, mirrors, clean and disinfect everything in the bathroom (sink, counters, tub, shower, toilet, trashcan) and clean floor.


Change bed linens (if bed is stripped and clean sheets are set out), dust and clean floors

Some maid services offer other tasks as part of their regular service that most do not. For example, some may load your dishwasher and while most maid services will clean your stovetop, some will include cleaning the inside of the oven as well and others will do it upon request. Some maid services will clean the inside of most standard windows, but the outside is either an extra charge or not covered at all. In fact, most maid services do not cover exterior cleaning.

There are things that the vast majority of maid services do not do. Most will not:

  • Do the dishes.
  • Do your laundry.
  • Wash walls or mini-blinds unless it has been agreed upon

Also, a maid will not pick up after you. We joke about having to clean up before the maid arrives, but there is a reality behind it. If your floor is cluttered with toys, etc, a maid can’t vacuum it. Very few people want to be responsible for breaking someone’s belongings so it is your responsibility to pick up after yourself before the maid service comes to visit.

Most maid services bring their own cleaning supplies and equipment needed to clean your home. You may prefer that they use your own products, which most services don’t have a problem with as long as you leave the products and/or equipment out for them and directions are given on how to use.

Larger cleaning companies bring a team to your home, usually consisting of three to four cleaners, which includes a team supervisor. All cleaners should be trained to clean thoroughly and systematically and are given a background check. The supervisor may clean with the team and upon completion of the cleaning, they will inspect the home to ensure it has been cleaned properly.

At Executive Maids, we treat your home with the utmost care. When are looking for a maid service in Philadelphia you can trust us to complete the job thoroughly and perfectly each time.

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