Hiring Executive Maids is Safer than Hiring a Housekeeper

Hiring Executive Maids is Safer than Hiring a Housekeeper

Hiring a housekeeper may seem more economical when looking at the cost involved for having your home cleaned.  Below are some very important things you should to consider before taking the risk of hiring a housekeeper.

Housekeepers are generally not insured.  You leave yourself open to various situations that would cost you more in the long run by hiring a housekeeper.

Executive Maids is covered by Liability insurance (which covers accidental property damage).

We are also covered by Workman’s Compensation insurance (which covers any accidental injuries a cleaner sustains while on the job.  Without this protection you would be liable for medical bills as well as lost wages for the housekeeper who could possibly get injured while cleaning your home.

We also are covered by a Non-Conviction Bond (which is a theft policy.)

Another component of this Peace of Mind that we offer is that we do Criminal History Checks on everyone we interview before we even consider the applicant for hiring.

To find out more about Why hiring Executive Maids would be your best choice when considering who to hire cleaning your home we recommend you read another post entitled "The Top Reasons For Hiring Executive Maids."

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