Holiday Help with Philadelphia Maid Service

Holiday Help with Philadelphia Maid Service

Holiday Hosting Hacks


We all love having our family and friends over for the holidays but most of us wish we could spend more time chatting and enjoying the festivities than being on kitchen detail and making sure the house is company ready. Sometimes planning ahead or hiring some extra help, such as an amazing maid service in Philadelphia is the key to making sure everyone, including you, has a fun holiday season.

The following time-saving tips will give you more time with your guests and less stress before the holidays even start!

Plan ahead

Figure out your menu and make a shopping list of all ingredients you will need. Do this weeks in advance so that you can add to the list as needed or when adjustments need to be made. Do your food shopping the week before. When it comes to gift giving, make a list of all your guests and figure out what you would like to get each individual. Gift giving doesn’t have to be stressful or extravagant. Keep it simple with gift cards wrapped in unique paper or boxes and don’t forget to purchase a few extra for the unexpected guest or two. You don’t want your cousin’s new girlfriend to feel left out because he forgot to tell you she was coming.

Prep ahead

Busy restaurants have a secret: they prepare almost all ingredients before they start cooking. Once you decide on your menu, figure out the ingredients you can chop a day or two ahead of time. Store them in labeled containers and then use them as needed. You can even measure out spices ahead of time and keep them in small plastic condiment containers or resealable snack bags. Decide what can be made in your slow cooker and begin those dishes early in the morning. You can even slow cook mashed potatoes and other root vegetables.

Hire help

Even before the meals are prepared and the gifts are bought, you need to think about the cleanliness of your house. If you are hosting out of town guests who will be staying with you, make sure all the bed linens are clean and you have enough towels. Stock your bathrooms with extra bath and body products. Of course, it isn’t a bad idea to hire help to clean your house before the guests arrive and before the festivities begin. Hiring a cleaning service is a way to make sure all the dusting, mopping, and vacuuming is done and that all the hard to reach places have been properly cleaned. You want a clean home for the holiday and it isn’t wrong to get a little help in doing so.

Finding an amazing maid service in Philadelphia is easy when you know the company to call on. Executive Maids has been helping families enjoy the holidays for years. We have experienced teams to quickly and efficiently clean your home before we are in the full holiday swing.

See how we can help you too.

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