House Cleaning Service in Montgomery County

House Cleaning Service in Montgomery County

How a house cleaning staff is trained


When a house cleaning service in Montgomery County hires its employees, careful thought and training go into each hire. Careful background checks should be conducted and proper and thorough training should be administered. An effective training program is comprised of numerous elements and recruiting the right workers is only half the battle when it comes to having a great staff to add value to any company. The other half revolves around training. In order to ensure a great cleaning experience for you, training is crucial to the cleaning company you choose to clean your house.

Below are some steps involved in training a cleaning staff and you should ask your cleaning company what their training entails.

Know your cleaning equipment and supplies

There are numerous cleaning equipment and supplies that a cleaning professional must know how to use. It’s not enough to just hand them a vacuum cleaner and expect them to know how to use that particular vacuum. Many cleaners in the cleaning industry can be harsh to the skin and eyes and it is important that an employee is trained on how to handle cleaning chemicals. It is also extremely important that they know which supplies can be used on which surfaces. You don’t want an employee ruining a clients’ furnishings simply because they weren’t trained properly.

Damage control

Teaching the cleaning staff on how to avoid doing damage of any kind to a clients’ property is essential. If there are breakable items throughout the house, for example, staff should be trained how to maneuver around the areas and not bring bulky equipment into those rooms. Things that are fragile should be avoided and before the maid service even enters the home, the company should be aware of what is in the home.

Attention to detail

Cleaning staff must deliver top notch cleaning and therefore must be trained on how to do so. Paying special attention to details whenever they can is one very important aspect of the cleaning experience. Instead of a quick dust, for example, doing a thorough dusting even on a top shelf that may not get noticed is what consists of paying attention to detail.

Excel in customer service

Customer service is an important aspect of any training professional’s career. It’s not just about servicing your company’s customers but also having professionalism with your colleagues.

Time is money

Learning how to manage your time is something everyone struggles with in the work environment and cleaning staff is no exception. Getting the work done quickly and efficiently requires skill and all employees need to be trained on effective time management skills. If they do not learn how to prioritize they will spend more time than required when handling a task.

At Executive Maids, we have a very rigorous yet thorough training program. Our employees are trained in every aspect of house cleaning and customer service so that they can clean your home with respect, honestly and efficiency. We are an amazing house cleaning service in Montgomery County and let us show you why.

No stone is left unturned with Executive Maids!

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