House Cleaning Services & Cost in Philadelphia

House Cleaning Services & Cost in Philadelphia

Ever thought hiring a maid or housekeeping service is an extravagance that is too expensive and hence you simply can’t afford the cleaning service? Not true!


You might want to consider going for specialized Home Cleaning Services. If you are a resident of Philadelphia, take a look below for things that might change the cleaning cost if you hire Executive Maids.

Average Rate

While there are lots of variables here, most cleaning companies break down house cleaning into two sections:

  • Initial Cleanings
    These are homes that we visit for the first time. We do a deep cleaning which is very detailed and very thorough. First-time cleanings take quite a bit longer to complete. The average rate for an initial house cleaning from Executive Maids hover around $250, though pricing is dependent upon many variables like those listed below.
  • Routine Maintenance Cleanings
    After an Initial Cleaning, scheduled routine maintenance cleanings typically do not take as long as deep cleanings and average around $150.

This charge may change depending on various aspects of your home. The square-footage of your home is the key influencer on the clean-up costs, along with the number of bathrooms and bedrooms.

Number of Pets, Floors and Appliances

Having several pets or floors can also have an effect on the cost, as well as the overall work scope such as making beds, cleaning cabinets, or cleaning kitchen appliances. Executive Maids base our pricing of cleaning services on the time it is going to take to clean your home, but may also modify pricing if you need certain cleaning products or have tough cleaning tasks.

In Home Estimate

Executive Maids conduct an in-home estimation after we visit all the rooms together with the homeowner in order to comprehend the degree of cleaning needed.  If a crew of three to four cleaners is engaged the cost will rise but they should be able to finish the job faster and more thorough than just one expert.

Number of House Cleaning Visits

Home owners can decide on having monthly, bi-monthly, weekly or daily house cleaning sessions and may also ask for customized cleaning trips such as prior to or following a holiday occasion. The national average-daily-cost is typically cheaper than a monthly cost.

Contract Signing

After you’ve employed our cleaning services, you’ll need to sign a contract concerning all the stipulations of work. In this context, the contract will serve as a binding agreement between our company and you as our client. With a contract, you know exactly what you’re getting. We invite you to learn how to hire a cleaning company.

Read the Fine Print

Being clear about conditions of work will make sure you and our company are on same wavelength with regards to expectations. We may sometimes supply you with a pre-made contract. However, if this isn’t the case, we may draw up a more detailed contract together that is better applicable to your home. Go over all crucial information in the contract to make certain our maids get it right and you will be 100% satisfied.

Good Relations

You will always manage to get on well with all the cleaning crew in order to nurture a warm working environment. Maintaining a solid channel of communication with our cleaners can help enhance the experience and quality of work rendered. Don’t be reluctant to voice any concerns or questions that you may have to the supervisor of this cleaning team.

Keeping your home clean can be an enormous task, particularly if you work full-time, have young pets or kids. Consequently, many busy home owners are hiring House Cleaning Services in Philadelphia to help reduce their pressure and make their lives less difficult.

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