How to Avoid the Most Common Spring Cleaning Mistakes

How to Avoid the Most Common Spring Cleaning Mistakes

Soon it will be the time of year when the air will be warm enough to open your windows, air out your house, and clean out your closets, basements and cubby-holes. Rooms must be made for those holiday presents that can replace existing décor or appliances, heavy clothes need to be stashed away to ensure that frigid memories are forgotten for a few seasons, and a refreshing cleanse is needed to start the spring season off right. To make the experience seem less daunting, and take the headache out of spring cleaning, the expert staff at Executive Maids, a premier Bucks County maid service, provides tips on avoiding the most common spring cleaning mistakes.

Mistake #1 – Forgetting to Make a Plan: Think about all of the rooms in your house and what you need to do in them. Don’t forget the light fixtures, walls, floorboards, closets, drawers and ever-dreaded windows. Be prepared to store out of season items and donate anything you haven’t used in over a year or two. And make time for all of those little things you’ve noticed throughout the year but put off – like the grout lines and loose cabinet doors.

Mistake #2 – Neglecting the Oft-Overlooked Spaces: Washing machines, both for clothes and dishes, dryers, doorknobs, light switches, refrigerator coils and the cleaning supplies themselves can be easily forgotten as you try to catch everything on your list. Many of these things are the items you rely on to help you clean throughout the year, so take a moment to check the seal on your washing machines, freshen your mops and buckets, wipe down your vacuum cleaner and check its filter, and disinfect the knobs and switches as you exit a newly-cleaned space.

Mistake #3 – Using the Wrong Tools: If you’re not using the right equipment, your cleaning can take twice as long. We recommend that every homeowner have extension wands and microfiber cloths for dusting and polishing, vacuums with attachments for upholstery and tight spaces, steam cleaners for floors, and a squeegee for windows. And don’t forget to throw away or thoroughly wash your rags and sponges often. Wet sponges and washcloths are breeding grounds for bacteria, so wash them after every use and replace them regularly.

Mistake #4 – Not Enlisting Helpers: Spouses, kids, friends and mothers shouldn’t be too shocked when the call for help goes out. Delegate the simple tasks, such as dusting, clearing out clutter and shredding to the kids; get husbands and strong friends to help with the heavy lifting when it’s time to get under furniture and rearrange rooms; and appeal to mom’s superior skills when it comes time for the nitty-gritty detail work. Just remember that one good turn deserves another and that you should be just as willing to help any outsiders you call in.

Finally, if you don’t have a nearby support system, if nobody can come to your aid, or if your schedule is simply too hectic to make time for spring cleaning, don’t hesitate to call Executive Maids. Our experienced, professional, trained and supervised cleaners would be happy to lend a hand and help you complete your spring-cleaning to-dos. Our Bucks County cleaning service has won the Best of Philly title since 2009 and guarantees the most thorough and detailed home cleaning you could ask for.