Looking for a Maid? How ‘Bout Three of Them!

Looking for a Maid? How ‘Bout Three of Them!

Today with most people juggling work and family, there is little time left for cleaning responsibilities in their houses. As a result, outsourcing cleaning services became a quite popular practice.

You can hire a cleaning company or a housekeeper. Although most people think that these two cleaning services are similar, the services and tasks they perform vary regarding price and meticulousness. Housekeepers carry out light tasks often while cleaning companies offer a more thorough cleaning service.

Executive Maids is a Philadelphia cleaning company that extends its services to people in Montgomery County. If you are looking for a maid to help with cleaning your residence, you ought to consider hiring them since you get a three-member team for the price of one! The cleaners are well trained to do thorough and systematic cleaning, and they all wear Executive Maids uniforms. The team has a supervisor who also cleans and then inspects the home to ascertain the home has been scrupulously cleaned.

The key areas of Executive Maids’ cleaning system are the kitchen, bathroom, vacuuming and dusting. The Philadelphia-based company also handles special projects such as oven cleaning, spring cleaning, window cleaning and refrigerator cleaning at your request. The special projects have an extra charge. The staff focus on cleaning behind and underneath items that you would miss or lack time to clean. Executive Maids sends out their staff with cleaning equipment and products that is necessary to clean the home. The company also accommodates clients who choose to use their products as long as the client leaves them out for the cleaners and includes directions.


Executive Maids allows you to set up a custom cleaning and maid schedule. You can opt to have the company deliver its services weekly, monthly or bi-weekly. You can download the print brochure here. Our cleaning services are convenient since you can pick the specific day and time you want your house cleaned. The residential cleaning services we offer are consistent and unique. Unlike other companies that start out well and then start skipping areas, in the end, Executive Maids offers high-quality services. The deal the company provides – three maids for the price of one – is very lucrative.

The renowned cleaning company has reasonable prices that are dependent of several factors. For a first time cleaning service, the company charges per hour as they may take more time. Maintenance cleanings consume less time compared to an initial cleaning and they also cost less. The charges are also subject to the size of your residence, the pets living there, the frequency of cleanings and the number of persons in the home.

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