Maid Service Etiquette in Montgomery County

Maid Service Etiquette in Montgomery County

Best tips on maid service etiquette


If you are in the process of hiring a maid service for the first time, you may feel uncertain as to what exactly they do when they come to your home. You may also be questioning how the payment process works or the security of your home while they are cleaning. Below are some answers to your maid etiquette questions that the best maid services in Montgomery county want you to know before they come to your home to clean. You may have questions, but they want you to have some of the answers before they begin to clean your home.

Etiquette questions for a maid service before they clean your home:

What should I look for in a cleaning service?

You are obviously going to want an honest and trustworthy company with solid reviews to come in and clean for you. Reviews are definitely important but you also want to turn to social media and ask your friends and family whom they use. Word of mouth is always the way to go. You also want to make sure you hire a company who knows how to clean properly. Sounds cliché but knowing which products and chemicals can’t be used on certain fixtures and furniture, for instance, can have disastrous consequences and you’d be surprised how many cleaning companies don’t have this knowledge.

Should I do any prep work before they visit?

It’s always advisable to make sure the house is free of clutter so that the service can come in and do what they are there to do: clean your house. Not pick up after you and your children. All toys should be picked up and dishes put away. This allows the maid to come in and be able to clean the floors and countertops without distractions. No need to dust, however, that’s what you are hiring them for!

Can I be home when they come to clean? What about the pets?

It isn’t necessary to be home when a cleaning service comes but it is always best to stay out of the way. Go into the backyard or confine yourself to a room not being cleaned if you have to be there. If you can’t be there, that works best so that they can clean thoroughly with no distractions. As for pets, as long as they are well behaved, most cleaners don’t have a problem. But it is considerate to let the company know you have pets in case one of their cleaners has an allergy, they can schedule accordingly. Better yet, if you are home, it might be a good time to take Fido to the park.

Hopefully, this clears up some of your questions if you have never hired a maid service before. At Executive Maids, we pride ourselves on honest and trustworthy services. We are one of the best cleaning services in Montgomery Country and we want to help you live an easier, less-stressed life.

For more information and questions concerning cleaning etiquette, contact Executive Maids.

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