Maid Service Etiquette in Philadelphia

Maid Service Etiquette in Philadelphia

Clean the floors Cinderella!

Maid service has gotten a bad rap over the years. It used to be that domestic servants were looked down upon as "the help" and open to exploitation by the upper-class elitists. to be treated no better than Cinderella was. Well, Cinderella is here to tell you that maid service in Philadelphia is like that no more!

Even though this insensitivity tends to still exist in the mindset of more than a few clients, a professional house cleaner actually is a highly skilled worker whose job requires stamina, high energy, endurance, acquired techniques, good judgment, attention to detail, pride in workmanship and a strong desire to provide excellent customer service to his or her clients.

Although the stigma of being a maid is no longer considered a shameful position, many people who are considering hiring a cleaning service for the first time have etiquette questions that they may be afraid to ask. If you are welcoming anyone into your home, you shouldn’t feel reluctant to ask questions that may concern you.

Should I tip the cleaning service and how much?

Answers to this question vary but if you are going to tip the standard range of 10-20 percent is appropriate. Many professional cleaning services don’t require or expect gratuity but it is the client’s decision.

  • Your house cleaners truly appreciate the gratitude shown when you tip them!

Should I clean before the maid service arrives?

Sounds cliché but it can be helpful to clear up clutter ahead of time so a cleaning service can focus on thoroughly cleaning your home. It allows them to come in and focus on what’s important such as vacuuming or mopping, not picking up the kids toys first.

Can I be home while the maid service is there? What about my pets?

  • We have no preference as to whether the client is home or not.

Every company is different so be sure to ask. Most maid service companies prefer you not to be home so that they can concentrate on cleaning and not taking orders from a client. It just minimizes distractions and ensures a more thorough cleaning. As for pets, make sure your service is aware that there are pets in the house. Some cleaners may have allergies so if they are notified beforehand, they know who to send to clean your home. If your pet is friendly, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Are there any common misunderstandings people have when hiring a maid service?

If you are forthright in the beginning and let the service know exactly how big and/or messy your home is, it will allow them to schedule the appropriate type of service and amount of time. If certain things you need to be done aren’t part of routine cleaning, it’s important to let them know ahead of time so they can tell you if it will take more time or cost more. You don’t want any surprises when they get there to clean and nor does the maid service.

Just like Cinderella, maid services have skilled qualifications and experience that should not be looked down upon. We clean the floors and do the dishes but we are no Cinderella! At Executive Maids, we want you to be happy with our maid service in Philadelphia and trust us with your home cleaning needs.

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