Maid Services For Everyone in Philadelphia

Maid Services For Everyone in Philadelphia

The surprising facts about who really hires maid services

Years ago maid service was reserved for the rich, well-established folks. As time went on, maid service companies saw mostly older, retired couples who could afford to spend the money and who didn’t want to spend their golden years doing household cleanings. But what might surprise you is that in addition to this specific demographic of clientele, younger, working people are hiring cleaning services despite the stigma that is only for the rich. Busy, working families are utilizing the help of a maid service but so are young, singletons as well.


The shift in who is hiring cleaning services is mostly due to both adults in the family having to work while raising a family as well as financially established singles whose lives are more about work and socializing than staying home to clean. Hiring a regular cleaning service can free up a few extra hours each week or month for anyone who needs it. It’s a chance to spend more time with loved ones, entertain more or just get some much needed sleep on weekends. Hiring a cleaning service is just simply a stress reliever.

We are living in a world where the millennials are taking over the workforce and this recent generation is growing up in a very different way than your baby boomers did. They want it all. They want the high profile job with the financial rewards. They want the social scene. They want to travel and enjoy the finer things in life. They work hard; they want to play hard too. There is no time to clean the toilet or sweep the floors on the weekend. That time is reserved for a more entertaining agenda. Most of these young, hard workers are reserving marriage for a much later time in life as well.

Maid service companies are seeing this shift in clientele and they are also seeing a shift in how they are cleaning for this younger generation. It use to be that a simple cleaning once a week or once a month would help keep the house in order and keep life running a little smoother until the next cleaning visit. The newer generation wants their house or apartment cleaned once a week and they want it all cleaned. No dusting around the furniture and cleaning the appliances. They want toilets scrubbed, showers scrubbed, floors mopped, carpets vacuumed, and in addition, they want help cleaning up their messes that they just don’t have time to do like loading and unloading the dishwasher and the refrigerator cleaned out once a month.

If you are a millennial or anyone who has a busy life, hiring a maid service may be your easiest solution to a cleaner home than trying to do it yourself when "you have the time." That time comes and goes and before you know it, the house is in disarray.

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