Montgomery County Cleaning Service

Montgomery County Cleaning Service

The best maid service in Philadelphia!

Any company can claim to be the best in its field. In fact, anybody can claim to the best at anything. But claiming to be the best and actually being the best are two completely different things. Executive Maids is a Philadelphia and Montgomery County cleaning service that actually is the best. According to Philadelphia Magazine, Executive Maids was voted the best maid service in the Philadelphia area four years running (awards are given every two years). If they can be the best in Philadelphia, they can certainly be the best in Montgomery County. Let us tell you why…


Dawn Zapf, owner of Executive Maids, started her business in 1993 with the promise of doing the best job for her clients. She started out with a small database of loyal clients and slowly expanded her business to the successful company that it is today. Dawn prides herself on making sure that each one of her employees is well trained and compassionate about what they are doing. She assigns each team with 3 or 4 cleaners with one being a supervisor. The supervisor inspects each team member’s work and if not done properly, they will go back and do touch up cleaning. This is all before they leave the house they have cleaned! The Executive Maid’s way of cleaning includes thorough, detailed cleaning in every client’s home. Dawn allows nothing less from her team members. This ensures you have a beautiful and clean home.

Executive Maids has a systematic cleaning system that allows your home to be cleaned effectively and thoroughly. The four main areas of their cleaning system and specific duties include:

Kitchen – this entails cleaning the outside of cabinets and major appliances, toaster and microwave ovens, disinfect the sink, counters, table, chairs, woodwork, floor and collect trash.

Bathroom – the outside of cabinets, mirrors, clean and disinfect everything in the bathroom, empty trash and clean the floor.

Dusting – dust ceiling perimeters, ceiling fans, vents and over door frames, windowsills, ledges and woodwork.

Vacuuming – all carpets, edge of carpeting, staircases, hardwood, tile floors, mop hardwood and tile floors.

Projects – Executive Maids can also include special projects as needed such as spring cleaning, window cleaning, inside of appliance cleaning, as well as any other special projects as requested. They provide all of the products and equipment needed to clean your home.

Being thorough and honest is the way Dawn has successfully driven her company for so many years. This is why Philadelphia Magazine has voted Executive Maids the best maid service. There are no claims here, they simply are the best. And they want to be the best for your home. Executive Maids serves not only Philadelphia but Montgomery County as well. They are striving to be the best maid service in this area as well.

If you are seeking a maid service in Montgomery County, give Executive Maids a call today. They care about your home and want to do the best job possible for you. If they can win the Philadelphia Magazine award for best maid service, they can certainly be the best in Montgomery County.

Call: 215.690.4000

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