Mother’s Day With Executive Maids

Mother’s Day With Executive Maids

Mom needs her house cleaned too

"May 14th is Mother’s Day. That’s just around the corner. Think about how much your Mother has done for you all of your life. Now that we are adults and can give back we should really think about giving Mom something she can use and really appreciate. If you want to show Mom how much you love her, give her the gift of cleaning with Executive Maids maid service in Blue Bell. You can even take it one step further and give her regular or bi-weekly or monthly house cleanings."


We all know how important it is to have a clean home and Mom knows this better than any of us. For all the years she has cleaned the house to make sure you had a safe environment to grow up in, isn’t it time to return the favor? Here’s why you should give Mom the gift of cleaning.

She deserves it

This is the obvious answer of course. For all of the years, she slaved over a hot stove, made sure you had clean clothes and mopped up the floors countless times, it’s her time to put her feet up and relax.

Things get harder as time goes on

Let’s face it; Mom isn’t as young as she once was. Cleaning might be hard for her to do. Things, like cleaning the bathroom and mopping the floors, can be cumbersome chores for her now. She may be too proud to hire help herself so that’s where you come in. She will thank you later.


She won’t do it herself

Like we just mentioned, Mom might be too proud to hire a maid service so she won’t do it herself. It’s an old school mentality and most Moms from yesteryear would never admit they need the help. But, you know better so just hire it for her. She may be embarrassed at first, but she will relish at the gift. It will free up her time to do more enjoyable things.

Hindsight is 50/50

Mom may be perfectly able to clean, but is she cleaning well? You may not want to hurt her feelings when you see cobwebs in the corner of the living room so you don’t say anything. A cleaning service won’t tell her either, they will just get it done. It’s not that you think Mom keeps a filthy home, it’s that maybe it can be done just a little more thorough. That’s where the maid service comes in.

This Mother’s Day give Mom something she can actually use and will appreciate. Give her the gift of cleaning with a gift certificate from Executive Maids. When you are looking for maid service in Blue Bell only the best will do. The best is Executive Maids. Let us help you get Mom’s house clean so that she can enjoy better things in life, like you and her grandchildren. Mom deserves the best. She cleaned up after you for years, time to return the favor.

Make this a Mother’s Day Mom will always remember.

Gift Certificates make a great gift for Mom from the entire family!

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