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It’s with Philly pride that we say, "If you’re looking for a Philadelphia cleaning company that offers the best maid service, then you made it to the right place!"

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Did you know…

Executive Maids is a Philadelphia based company that’s been serving all of Philadelphia and surrounding counties for better than two decades? With a fleet of pink cars and multiple teams of house cleaners, our business has thrived in the community for which we are very grateful. We’ve won the Best of Philly Award twice and were selected by Philadelphia Magazine to be the house cleaning service to clean and keep the 2014 Design Home sparkling. Amazing honors and a true testimonial that gives weight to our cleaning company and substantiates our claims of quality work.

See what they’re saying about our cleaning service…

We’ve asked loyal clients to also share their thoughts on our services. We were overwhelmed by the niceties written about our cleaning crews and services. Of course, not everyone is 100% satisfied; we’re human and every once in a blue moon and accident may happen or we miss something. As soon as we’re told about it or one of our office staff follows up with a call, the problem is immediately corrected. We truly care about our reputation and the client’s happiness. Below are several reviews of our cleaning service written by our clientele.

Executive Maids is Better Than The Other Maid Services

"I was not sure at first if I wanted to hire a service to clean my home. I have had other cleaning company’s before and they always start out good but then end up skipping areas. This is my third time having your company out to my house. You guys have always done a really good job. I was very happy with the cleaning and would like to take bi-weekly service." 1. Rate attention to detail with dusting/vacuuming  = 5 2. Rate attention to detail in the kitchen  = 5 3. Rate attention to detail in the bathrooms  = 5 4. Rate the professionalism of our team & the supervisor  = 5 Ratings scale – 1= terrible –  5=excellent

J. Buerkel,
Center City, Philadelphia, PA

Executive Maids Cleaned Everything That Was Important To Me

"I was very pleased with everything they did it was what I hoped for. The team was not able to finish the house because I had to leave but they got everything done I wanted that was important to me in the time allowed.  I would like monthly service." Initial cleaning on 3/19/14

B. Yount,
Elkins Park, PA (Montgomery Co.)

20 Years of Excellent Service from Executive Maids

" I have been using Executive Maids for 20 Years and have had excellent services since the beginning. The Teams have always been prompt, friendly and very efficient. The management addresses any concerns that may come up immediately and in a professional manner. They have been extremely accommodating to my many special requests over the years! I have recommended them highly to friends, family and coworkers. " Cleaned monthly for 20 years.

P. McEntee,
Drexel Hill, PA

Executive Maids is Very Customer Oriented

"Executive Maids is a very customer-oriented, responsive, and efficient service provider. They communicate well with their clients, are very reliable, and the cleaning teams work quickly and effectively. I’m very satisfied with their service and recommend them to others." Cleaned biweekly since 12/2011.

M. Guerin,
(University City) Philadelphia, PA

Very Happy with Biweekly House Cleanings

"I am very happy to be back on my biweekly schedule. The cleaners did a detailed and thorough cleaning yesterday at my home. I was satisfied and happy with their work!" Client since 2007.

K. Martin,
Philadelphia, PA

Executive Maids Provides Exceptional Service

"We have used Executive Maids ever since we moved to Philadelphia in 2008 and have always been pleased with their service. Dawn Hibbs is a detailed manager who provides an exceptional service."

M. Conti,
Philadelphia, PA

Executive Maids Provided Us With Much More Than We Thought They Would

"During the month of May I was in a whirlwind of trouble. I had the sale of my fathers house, moving him up to Levittown and getting house ready for settlement deal with. My father is not in good shape and my sisters and I were the ones to deal with the whole mess. On top of that I have severe medical issues myself and settlement came right smack dab in the middle of me getting chemo. I called executive Maids once I realized that I was running out of time and wasn’t going to be able to do any of the cleaning that was necessary. Two days before settlement I called them up knowing that I was probably too late. That they must already be too busy. To my delighted surprise Executive maid did make for my fathers house on such short notice. They sent 3 professional cleaners and they came in and got busy immediately and I didn’t have do a thing! I couldn’t believe how fast the girls took care of the job. It was like they attacked the job. When they were done I felt I got so much more than I thought I did, the place was spotless in less than 3 hours. The biggest thing executive maids did for me was remove the stress. I saw within 10 minutes that the girls had things completely under control and I could relax, the job WAS going to get done. I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. It was worth 5 times what we paid them. Another striking thing about the company was the positive attitude that they had while dealing with a frantic, stressed out customer that they had never heard from before. I would recommend this cleaning company to anyone. You will find they do a more thorough job than we ever could and you’ll find hiring them is the best move you made. Thanks executive maids, you truly eased my m at a terribly hectic time." Move out Cleaning for parent’s home 5/2013.

A. Egan,
(Northeast) Philadelphia, PA

There’s plenty more, but we want to give you just a few to show our integrity and professionalism. Executive Maids wants to clean your house and add you as to our clientele family. Take a moment to call us or email for a cleaning quote.

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