Philadelphia Cleaning Service with Executive Maids

Philadelphia Cleaning Service with Executive Maids

Combating Your Home for the Warm Summer Weather

Summer is slowly approaching in the Philadelphia area. With it, comes hot, sticky weather, plenty of bugs and lots of dirt and debris. All of this enters your home and settles on your floors, walls and furniture. What can you do to minimize the summer from coming into your home so that you can actually get out and enjoy the summer outside? There are a few things you can do to minimize the negative side of the summer months from getting into your home, courtesy of your favorite Philadelphia cleaning service!

Pest Patrol

They are out there and in the summertime all those insects try to creep into your home. Don’t let them! Look around your house to make sure there aren’t areas where insects such as ants or roaches can sneak into your home. If you see an ant trail, for example, it may be time to call pest control. Protect the inside of your home by keeping those pests outside.

Garbage Can Control

When the weather gets hotter and the humidity gets stronger, so do the garbage odors in your indoor and outdoor garbage cans. Minimize this by cleaning them out frequently in summer months. Rinse the cans with a hose, dump out the water and spray with disinfectant. Let the cans sit for a few minutes and rinse again. Turn upside down to dry.

Tracking Dirt

Kids play in the summer and so the dirt and grass comes with them when they are done playing. Doormats or welcome mats can help keep your floors clean as they help remove dirt and debris from shoes before entering your home. They also absorb wetness to help minimize water leakage on your floors or carpet. Have the kids enter your house through a back door or garage and remove their shoes (and clothing if they can) and leave the day behind!

Laundry, Laundry and More Laundry!

The summer months mean less clothing but somehow, more laundry. Between washing beach towels, bathing suits and stained clothes from outside play, the laundry seems to pile up. Try doing a load of laundry at night when things are cooler and instead of running your dryer, hang the clothes to dry. You also need to protect your washing machine from mold and mildew. The humidity in summer months will cause your washing machine to smell. Occasionally run an empty load with detergent and hot water. Once the load is complete, leave the door open so it can properly dry.

Don’t Do It Alone!

Summer is time for vacations, beaches, pool parties and barbecues. It is not meant to be inside cleaning your home. Executive Maids can help reign back some of those summer chores and allow you to concentrate on the more important things that the summer has to offer. We are one of the best Philadelphia cleaning services in the business.

Call us today if you are looking for a Philadelphia maid service and let Executive Maids tackle the dirty work!

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