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Philadelphia Cleaning Services

When it comes to cleaning services in Philadelphia, let’s face it, there are many companies for you to select for your home cleaning needs.
So… why Executive Maids?

For starters, Executive Maids is a local company! Dawn Zapf, who founded Executive Maids, was born and raised in Philadelphia. A true Philadelphian, Dawn knows the city, she knows the people and she’s not afraid of hard work! Her team of 30 cleaners are taught how to properly clean a home, be respectful and to always give top quality work. Each employee goes through an interview process, background checks and is insured and bonded! This is rigorous process of hiring only the best house cleaners has resulted in an award-winning cleaning company that truly cares about its reputation.

As a matter of fact, they are so confident in what they do, they’ll even tell you how to go about hiring a cleaning service!

Seriously…check out their article on How to Hire a House Cleaning Service!

Accidents happen.

Each 3-member team that is sent to clean a home has a Executive Maids Team Leader, assuring that quality and care is taken when cleaning a home. Accidents do not happen often, but they do happen once in a blue moon.

"We’re open and honest about these things", says the founder. "The Executive Maids staff is trained to record and report anything that is accidentally broken or damaged as fault of one of our cleaners. Insurance allows us to compensate for claims. We care about our reputation and we care about our clients."

Executive Maids is fully insured for your protection, our cleaners’ protection as well as for our protection. The typical "housekeeper" does not carry the insurance that Executive Maids does. If something of great value is broken or damaged, or if your "housekeeper" falls or is injured on the job you are going to pay dearly. By hiring Executive Maids you have the peace of mind that we are covered by Liability, Bond and Workmen’s Compensation insurance policies. Hiring Executive Maids is safer than hiring a housekeeper.

Reliable service.

No need to worry about Executive Maids being there! These gals are reliable! They call it the Chic Pink Fleet. The company maintains a fleet of pink cars that not only carry their maids to your homes, but carry out the pink branding that make Executive a recognizable brand in the Philadelphia Metro area.

Credit cards.

All major credit cards are accepted.  You never have to pay with cash. Payment is done through our office staff at the time your appointment is created.



The Executive Maids office staff will randomly follow-up on house cleanings that have been performed by their maids.  If something’s not right, they want to know about it. By the same token, if something is satisfactory to exceptional, they want to know about it, too!

So…You’ve been given just a few reasons you might want to give these house cleaners a shot at making your home sparkle!

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