Philadelphia Cleaning Services for Men

Philadelphia Cleaning Services for Men

Why hiring a maid service isn’t just women’s work…

Philadelphia is a city swarming with culture, activity and opportunity. So many huge corporations call Philadelphia their headquarters. Many young professionals flock here for the opportunities that await. And most of them never leave. They find a nice condo in the heart of the city or a cool house in the suburbs of Montgomery county and they plant a life for themselves. Work becomes so hectic that there is no time for anything else, save the occasional Saturday night fun. That’s when it makes sense to hire a cleaning service to make sure your bachelor pad is forever clean.

When we think about hiring a cleaning service, we envision the busy mom with no time on her hands for cleaning. But, did you know there are many men who make these household decisions as well? Sure, the husband and wife usually make the decision together to hire a maid service, but what about the single men out there?

We live in an age where family units are not the traditional Mom, Dad, kids and dog version. Some family units aren’t family at all. Many men and women are so focused on their career, that they make the decision not to marry and have kids. So they have pets or roommates and that is their family. Or the single dad who is so busy trying to support his family while finding time to be with his kids as much as he can. There are so many good, hardworking people out there and so many people who need the help of a cleaning service.

To all the hard working men out there…

Did you know you can get the help you need taking care of your home without relying on Mom or a girlfriend to take on the household chores? There are so many cleaning services out there that can make your life just a little simpler. At Executive Maids, we can tackle your household chores (even the embarrassing ones) so that you can continue being the best young professional that you can be.  Besides, do you really want to bring a date home to a sloppy, messy house? We think not!

If you are a single Dad and you only get the kids on the weekend, do you want to spend it cleaning? We think not. You want to focus on what’s important: your kids. And you should.   You want to maintain a good, clean household for your children when you have them but you don’t have the time to do it yourself. Hire the maid. No one will judge you. We promise.

To all the single men out there, we understand you are busy and we want to help. Executive Maids is here to help with your cleaning services. We are flexible and we can tackle your toughest chores or your simplest household cleanings. All to help free up your time for the more important things in life.

Give us a call today and let us know what needs cleaning!

Call: 215.690.4000

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