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Philadelphia Maid Service

Executive Maids – Why hiring a maid service is important to your work/life balance!


Many people will tell you that hiring a maid service is an indulgence.  Years ago having "help" was a social ranking and you were automatically classed as privileged or rich because you had people taking care of your daily household chores.  In our day and age, hiring a maid service is completely different for many reasons.  More women work while trying to raise a family.  Many have working husbands or are single working mothers.  In a nutshell, the entire household is busy trying to balance their work life and their family life.

Who has time to clean a messy house?

Hiring a maid service does not make you better than anyone nor should you be looked down upon as not being able to raise your family without help.  We all struggle in life for many reasons.  There are the sick or elderly who physically can’t clean.  There are working moms who would rather come home to a clean house and spend that extra time taking care of their family.  Single adults are trying to balance their busy careers with trying to maintain a social life. The reasons are vast and many.  Hiring a maid service is efficient and affordable.  It just makes domestic sense.

The bottom line is that everyone can use a little help once in awhile.  Executive Maids, located in Philadelphia, can help you with that work/life balance.  Life gets in the way sometimes and when it does, there is no time for the domestic chores that consume our lives on a daily basis.  Executive Maids is here to help make your life easier.  Families, couples and singles hire Executive Maids because everyone is so busy living life! If we all had one less thing to do, especially house cleaning, we would have more time to get the important things in life done and enjoy more quality time with our loved ones! That’s why clients in the Philadelphia area choose Executive Maids to help with cleaning their homes.  We are professional and reliable and will do the job thoroughly and effectively.

At Executive Maids, we perform basic house cleaning jobs for your home and we also tackle special projects.  If you are new to hiring a cleaning service, we can help you get your house in order by doing your heavy cleaning to start.  Window cleaning, oven cleaning, inside refrigerator cleaning and spring-cleaning are a few of these special projects.  Once the heavy duty items are taken care of, we can move on to your normal cleaning (dusting, moping, vacuuming, etc.).  Your house will be spotless and you will feel better and have more time to spend on the important things in your life.

If you need help, consider Philadelphia’s Executive Maids, one of Philly’s best cleaning companies that can help organize your home and maintain it at an affordable cost.  Clients have trusted us for over twenty years.  Let us show you how we can make a difference in your life today!

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